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Author Topic: Iron Kingdoms RPG  (Read 1598 times)
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« on: 10 November 2012, 05:09:11 »

Derived from the same setting used by the Miniatures games Warmachine & Hordes & succeeding a 3-3.5 edn D&D setting of the same name all from Privateer press.

Contains all you need to start adventuring in the Iron kingdoms & well supported both by a downloadable adventure on the Privateer site & by articles & adventures in the Privateer press House Journal No Quarter

It uses a custom built set of mechanics which are very close to those used in both Warmachine & hordes with characters stats very much resembling expanded versions of these seen in these two games.  Character generation is straightforward but not I found that intuitive involves combining four elements, Race (species) Archetype & two careers the latter of which effectively determine the characters "Class" but given the number of combinations possible there are lots of these even if some of them are limited by choice  of race & archetype. Further character development is determined by this "class" & covers three levels much like those given for Warcasters, Warlocks & some Solos in Hordes & Warmachine.

The  rest of book contains a detailed background on the history of the Iron kingdoms concentration for the most part on the western part of the continent of Imoren where the civilized lands are found, a short bestiary,  a combat system which whilst it does not need figures to run feels designed to be played out on a map or table top with them. Extensive sections on alchemy & Mechanica the local form of technomagic. In may ways the setting feels a bit like Eberon but it has its own flavour and a gritty grimy grandeur all of its own.

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