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Author Topic: Patfinder  (Read 1638 times)
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« on: 09 December 2012, 18:29:34 »

In many ways the natural heir to D&D being far more a development of the system from 1st Edition to 3.5 Edition & not unfairly refereed to as D&D 3.75 on occasion. Designed to be compatible with 3.5 whilst polishing many of the flaws of that system out. It comes from Piazo the long-time publishers of Dragon Magazine for wizards indeed they only stopped when that magazine turned into an online D&D insider Perk.

The system is very well supported but can happily be run with only two volumes The core rule book & the Bestiary of which there are now three, indeed one if you are happy to do the slight conversion needed to use 3.5 edition monsters with it & already have a 3.5 Monster manual. However the additional books are useful well balanced with the core game & give you as much variety as 3.5 at its broadest but with an eye to not letting unforeseen game breaking combinations in. Mechanically it is a D20 system with all the classes one has come to expect form D&D over the years as well as some nice extra core classes and more sensible prestige classes in the additional books.

The default setting is heroic & fairly high fantasy & is not quite as gritty as it might be characters are for the outset hero's all be it weaker ones than they will become.

A good sound system that's fun to play & will fit a huge variety of play styles.....

some of the support avalible locally....

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