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Author Topic: Before the Sun Rises - Final Chapter Episode 2  (Read 1495 times)
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« on: 29 May 2009, 15:36:31 »

The Kobold Eggs are returned, your reward, such as it is, has been delivered, and the Kobolds themselves will leave the entire region, seeking to resettle in safer climes. Ziss the rogue has chosen to settle down with them, and devote herself to the tribe's future. She will live like a Queen, god help them!

The rest of you have a much less rosey future, perhaps. A large and Monstrous Raven seems to have joined the party of it's own volition, which can only be an ill omen. Indeed, on your way back to the keep you met up with a young guardswoman and together saw with some trepidation that the town was either glowing green, or on fire? It soon turned out that both were the case.

The Gibbet Tree is worryingly empty. The Gate's are barred. The only way into town is through a secret entrance in the graveyard, but the graveyard is surrounded by green glowing ethereal wisps of light and fire.

But it's okay, surely. There, on the steps of the mausoleum, look! It's the Priestess of Avandra, Sister Linora.
Perhaps everything will be alright after all...

Spirit Games, 7pm onwards.
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