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Author Topic: Before the Sun Rises - Final Chapter Episode 4  (Read 1380 times)
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« on: 17 June 2009, 01:11:55 »

Winterhaven isn't looking so good. Valthrun the prescient stalks the streets venting his fury on the corpses of the Villages ancestors, who you managed to return to true-death after driving off Sister Linora and destroying her Magic Circle.  Lord Padraig has reputedly lost his mind, and has barricaded himself and the villagers inside his fortified compound. The Guardsmen have orders to shoot anyone who approaches, perhaps it's best you left them be, eh?

Night has fallen early on the Cairngorm mountains, and you have left the sky behind you to once more delve into the depths of the old Keep. The air eddies and swirls, feeling oily and wrong. The place is dead, empty and lifeless even compared to your last visit. Not a rat or cockroach breaks the silence.

Till you reach the Rift-Chamber. You stand in the doorway, the hemispherical room an ornate oddity in the half-finished ruin. The spiral-form arcane wardings spread across the chamber's wide floor, arcing up the walls and across the great dome. It appears largely unharmed. Intact. Is the way forward barred, after all?

As the first of you take a step closer however, three crucified skeletons speak out with the undead voice of their ancient murderer. They cry for Aecris, the Dead Knight's holy weapon. Seperated from it, it seems the mad killer has lost what little remained of his sanity... And as the realisation dawns, they spy you out, and see what you carry with you...

As spirit games is closed early this week, we'll meet at the Coopers and see where we can find a home, instead. Likely there or the Devonshire nearby.

7pm onwards.
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