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Author Topic: SG: New Roleplaying Games at Spirit Games  (Read 1352 times)
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Spirit Games
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« on: 27 March 2013, 17:00:04 »

Spirit Games Website Whats New for RPG
Overview   :   Spirit Games, supplying gamers with board games, card games, roleplaying games, d20, wargames and miniatures, for 20 years.
Website   :

Pathfinder Player Companion: Knights of the Inner Sea
Direct link   :
In Your Honour

Unleash righteous fury and vanquish those who oppose your noble call to arms! Join the forces of good or evil in your pursuit to spread the word of your liege, or dedicate yourself to a religious or personal code of knightly conduct. Whether you're a muscle-bound weapon of faith bedecked in steel plate or a spellcaster devoted to the god of magic, this volume offers countless options to those who walk the elite path of knighthood.

Knights of the Inner Sea presents a player-focused, in-depth discussion of what it means to be a knight on the world of Golarion, where every day is a trial against forces that seek to enslave or obliterate humanity, and it's up to a stalwart few to fight back against the elements of corruption for the betterment of all. Every Pathfinder Player Companion includes new options and tools for every Pathfinder RPG player. Inside this book, you'll find:

An in-depth analysis of the various kinds of knights that roam the Inner Sea region, and roles that help define exactly what these diverse orders stand for.
New spells, magic items, character options, and traits to help knightly adventurers distinguish themselves as glorious champions of their causes.
A detailed dissection of a knight's armaments and her horse's barding, as well as an exploration of heraldry and its function throughout the Inner Sea.
New rules for mounts both monstrous and bestial, including descriptions and traits for some of the Inner Sea's most prominent breeds.
Rules for acquiring a loyal squire to aid a knight in her noble endeavours, including new archetypes to further specialize these stalwart sidekicks.
This Pathfinder Player Companion is intended for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, but can easily be incorporated into any fantasy word.

Deadlands: Trail Guides Volume 1
Direct link   :

There's more to Deadlands than the American West. Be warned, partner, the road less travelled ain't no safer!

Take a tour of the less-travelled Weird West with your Tombstone Epitaph correspondent Phineas P Gage. His first three exciting Deadlands Trail Guides are now compiled into this one volume for your reference - and safety.

Trail Guide: South o' the Border takes you to beautiful Mexico. Bask in the sun as centuries-old hatred festers in the midst of a three-sided war!

Trail Guide: Great Northwest tours a land threatened by Famine. You might give your left arm for some jerky, and that might be what it's used for!

Trail Guide: Weird White North leads you into the icy tundra of Alaska and British Columbia, north of the amazing Winterline - Hellstromme's wondrous fence that holds back the cold - to find something even more malevolent than endless winter!

Each Trail Guide offers you a closer look at the people, places, and - perhaps most important - Things you'll see in each region. Each includes a mini-plot Point Campaign and Savage Tales. Your posse's bound to have fun or die tryin'!

Deadlands Trail Guides, Volume 1 is not a complete game. It's a supplement for the Deadlands setting for the Savage Worlds game system.

Beasts of the Dominion
Direct link   :

The mysterious Moloke-tanu hunting in the tall grass of the Ivory Savannah...
The Yellowfingers lurking in the darkest tombs of the Cairnlands...
The Yarakan, or Great Devourers, dreaming memories of a fallen empire...
Ten monsters of the Dread Sea Dominions, each with a dedicated Savage Tale, await you within.
In addition, a Player Appendix to let you play the dreaded Disciples of the Black Temple!
Grab your battleaxe, ready your bow, and prepare to face the Creatures of the Dread Sea Dominions!

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Spirit Games(Est.1984) - Supplying role playing games, wargames rules, miniatures & scenery, new & traditional board & card games for the last 29 years. Please ring with any queries on 01283 511293 or email, or visit in person at 102 High Street, Burton on Trent, DE14 1LJ
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