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Author Topic: 1.4 Raiding Castle Caltreen  (Read 1863 times)
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« on: 19 June 2009, 17:24:25 »

After seeing Annalinda and Amon disappear by teleport safely the party went back to the library, for a discussion on what to do next. Soon the door was flung open and in came a group of Nosferatu, Two Clerics of the Moon, some rock golems and two more of those nasty wraith like forms that we had encountered on the castle walls before.

The party are quite spread out and after the opposition had cast prismatic wall and blade barrier, some of our team was trapped in corners. When the normally shy and retiring Brin found himself in touching distance of this huge sword wielding Vampire he called for help, Brock thinking a girl was in trouble quickly made his way around the bookcases to see one scared elf.

Ditch once more was in the thick of battle and suddenly hit the floor after being struck with a poisoned dagger wielded by a vampiric thief. Dancing Bear quickly enters the fray and neutralizes the poison before Ditch is completely dead. Thule quickly learns the art of breaking swords on stone creatures and dispatches long and short swords in fairly quick succession.

Matrix and Crow are in a tight spot with Crow being felled by a hammer wielding Nosferatu, whilst Matrix was assailed by one of the fearsome wraith like creatures. Dr Wack had summoned some skeletal warriors to bolster our numbers, they did a great job of distracting the warrior Brock was fighting, well not actually fighting, being more intent on trying to steal the vampires sword.

Finally the battle was won as the two surviving nosferatu fled in gaseous form, Crow and Brin quickly followed to try and track down their lair, they got as far as an upstairs corridor before voices and stamping feet were heard, Crow made his way back to the party to warn them whilst Brin readied his bow to try and delay them, he soon found that firing his flaming arrows at them only got there attention a bit quicker and soon he was running at full speed back to the party.

A defensive plan was hastily assembled around a secret door, in the first minute of combat we were overwhelmed by superior numbers; Ditch once more got his leg cut off. The brief high point was Crow dealing massive damage to their leader, who already was stuck with smoldering arrows. A summoned fire elemental and some undead woodchucks under Wacks control were in no way evening up the overwhelming odds. Cue a Blade Barrier cutting us off from the secret door and a massive fireball from a Death Knight and the party hightailed it outta there with a semi conscious Brock in tow. We did manage to sucker the leader into the blade barrier which did enough damage to get rid of him, but our tail was firmly between our legs.

Upon exiting the secret passage we proceeded North to Crie Isle. Dancing Bear was scouting ahead in bird form and investigated a wagon ambush, five horsemen were noted galloping away from the site. The horsemens track appeared to have melted the snow and the immediate assumption was Death Knights mounted on Nightmares. A 15 year old girl was sheltering under a wagon, her family were trying to get to East Reach when the riders attacked them. After much debate we decided to take her with us for her safety.

Heading towards a little known passage through the mountains we came upon a secluded cabin, after seeing all was clear we decided to rest for a spell. Brin and Crow went out scouting whilst Caerlith started cooking supper on a nice big fire. All of a sudden the door was kicked in and skeletal warriors attacked us. Caerlith broke a window with a cookpot and emptied some of the food over the fire to try and attract the scouts attention but they were too far away. With Matrix brandishing his Holy Symbol and Dancing Bear calling up walls of fire the creatures were quickly beaten.

More discussions were held on whether to stay or leave as the banished skeletons could bring back reinforcements, it was finally decided to stay and a good nights sleep was had by all, especially as Dancing Bear had been practicing with the magic hide and can expand the circle of influence to cover most of the party for quite long periods.

As soon as the cabin was exited Cometheus appears and talks to us at length about our plans and hands out some magic weapons, some of our supplies are getting short and available stocks are non-existent. The Giant uses a teleport like spell to speed us to our destination, he can’t have intoned it properly as we end up knee deep in freezing water miles from Crie Isles, but a short distance from a town.

The seaport of Tregaldor is reached and the majority of the party head to the bar, whilst some sensible ones visit the harbor master and blacksmith for information and supplies respectively. It is recommended that the ship Obsession is hired to take us to Crie Isle. Inside the bar Captain Bail of the Obsession is found and negotiations are started, Thule somewhat spoils things by instructing us just to pay the price the skipper wants. Another captain overhears the discussions and claims he can be ready in half the time but at greater cost. Time being of the essence we agree. Brin races away to do some whoring, whilst others head to the temple and others get supplies.

Once the boat pulls away from the docks its sails are unfurled and they are nothing but dust. We get back to the dock and seek out Bail and get him to take us to the island. Part way there a fog closes in and the crew are fearful, we are soon enveloped by the fog and ghost like creatures lash out to one and all. Several of the crew die but we come through largely unscathed. A close shave with an iceberg and several trips around the reefs leaves us standing next to the island.

People once believed that when someone dies, a crow carries their soul to the land of the dead.  I'm here to tell you it's true
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