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Author Topic: 1.6 Battle in Crypts, Cabins and Inns.  (Read 1928 times)
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Wack had broken a crystal given to us by Comtheus which summoned two Iron Gargoyles, a Hephaestus and a Storm Giant called George, these beings enter the combat and slowly swings back in our favour, one of the gargoyles easily detects the invisible assailant and makes a beeline for him, Crow moves in and soon puts him down through a series of punishing flat bladed strikes. The stairway is held by Thule, Ditch and Caerlith, with extra planar help defeat the excremental, enveloper and finally the Shambling Mound which had taken a liking to Caerlith and gave him a big hug. The archer had moved closer to the combat and Brin ran to intercept swinging sword and dagger in a flurry of attacks, the people Brin and Crow face are rescued by their glowing rings which reach out a hand to pull their unconscious bodies through, not before one of them drops his magic bow.
Thule is cruelly struck down and has to be revived by Matrix.
The large crocodile which is Dancing Bear is released by one of the mounds when Wack manages to dispel the forcefield surrounding Brock. Finally the last shambling mound is stilled and the party take stock of the situation.
An ivory and lead bound chest sit atop a platform surrounded by a moat of acid, the brawny members of the party lift a section of wood to form a bridge to the top of the platform, Brin runs up to the chest and cautiously opens it, inside there is nothing, calling on Matrix for help they thoroughly search the box and surrounds, to find nothing else. The chest is taken and the party make their way disappointedly to the surface, once up there Matrix realizes he could cast Stone Tell to try and come up with some answers.
Through the very successful use of the spell we find that the objects inside (stones or balls) had been removed over 10,000 years ago by an Elf and not by the people we just fought in this area.
Back up to the surface and some conversations with the Mages and reequipping take place.
We find that 9 giant bats have been sent to take us to a meeting with Amon (the badly burned younger brother of Thule). We arrive at a secluded hillside cabin and meet with Amon and some of his retainers, a mixed bunch of characters much like ourselves, we are warned about Dra Goth planning an ambush to expedite the capture of East Reach and with it the last hope of Erath.
Dancing Bear elects to go with Amon to help as much as she can, as the party prepare to leave and saddle the horses left for them they are challenged by Bandits hidden in the woods surrounding the cabin. Rumours are in effect that Dra Goth is disguised as Thule, making the situation very awkward. Attempt at Parely was made but when a hail of arrows are inbound Brin grits his teeth and returns the compliment drilling one loudmouth flush in the face with three arrows, Crow turns elemental and sinks into the ground pulling the unsuspecting bandits into the earth, Matrix unleashes his Rod and starts terrorirising the attackers, Brock starts landscape gardening and rips trees up and hurls them at the ambushers. Thule and Caerlith take shelter in the cabin and fire arrows from their cover. Very quickly the combat is over and the bandit leader is held captive, it takes much persuasion to prove we fight for the good name of the old King and Thule is genuinely the new King, the Paladin even heals the wounded brigand to show how nice we are (after killing most of his ragtag army).

After several days of travel the party nears Kaceden when a familiar titan appears before them, seeming more timid than before he doesn't step through his tear in space infront of you. However he does tell you this:
``You are still the mighty warriors that I remember. The warriors that helped me fulfill my destiny; I will look forward to better times in your world so we can once again meet one another in combat. Now though there are greater concerns, Dra-Goths plan is near completion. My minions tell me the assault on the East Reach will be an easy and final step for him. There are plans in motion that will ensure his victory, he has planned an ambush that will alter the course of things. You must stop the ambush. I tell you too much, there are those that believe I should tell you nothing. In fact I have been reprimanded for my actions already. Remember how we met; remember all that I’ve done to you before the Shadowsveil arrived. Remember that all wasn’t always what it seemed. I fear that you will make errors in judgment that will affect so many more than yourselves. I feel your errors will affect my existence as well. Think before and during your actions.``

We eventually make our way to Kaceden, where we need a ferry to cross the river, Brock showing he is not afraid of water starts walking across and soon all we see is the occasional bubble as he marches along the bottom in a roundabout route.
The ferryman demands much gold for our passage and on recognizing Thule starts getting a little bit troublesome, more gold and threats of pain from Brin standing behind him quiets him down.
We make our way to the inn where apparently Dra Goth will meet with his people (things?) to plan the forthcoming battle for East Reach.
We rent our rooms and also the main meeting room for the building, which is available for the rest of the day but we need to be out by 10pm as it needs to be cleaned in preparation for tomorrow when it is booked out for the whole day.
Wack gets busy with some skulls, when Brin tries to drill into the walls they heal over within seconds, intrigued we try breaking through the wall physically and are unable to do so, a passwall spell only lasts for a few minutes instead of it’s normal duration. Undeterred the good doctor fixes some skull lookouts behind the tapestry which completely covers the walls and also some trapped explosive heads. Matrix traces an Elemental Forbiddance spell around most of the room.
We leave the room when we have to and make our way up to our room. Caerlith adopts a look out position at the window to see who else enters the inn, meanwhile two explosions are heard and it seems the cleaners of the meeting room got too close to the skulls, the inns owner knocks on our door and demands to know what we have done downstairs. Caerlith skates the edge of the truth and claiming to be a Cleric of…….Athena and has not personally done anything untoward and is shocked that she is pointing the finger at him and becomes indignant that previous parties may have endangered him and his comrades with the risks in her meeting room.
Several groups of people have used the ferry and entered the inn, evil is detected for and none found. The hours drag on and in the early afternoon Brin goes downstairs and puts his ear to the door, he faintly hears someone saying “yes Lord” and summons the others.
Two unfortunate servants exit the room and are set upon by Brock in a take no prisoners ask no questions mood.
Upstairs wait Wack, Brin and Thule and a passwall spell through the ceiling, they open a whole in the ceiling and see eight people seated around a large circular table with Dra-goth and his glowing red eyes seated at the head, Brin starts raining arrows down onto the group several of which bounce off, the rest of the party crash through the doorway. Dra Goth says to the seven others around the table to assume their new forms, at which time they and their belongings go through some transformation. Now instead of a party of clerics there is a well rounded party. Melee ensues. A force wall blocks the hole in the ceiling causing the characters to miss some of the action as they race downstairs.
The fight rages back and forth and Ditch hits the dirt, Caerlith leans over and heals him. Several of the opposition use healing crystals as the party unleashes devastating attacks, the opposing monk seems to be able to deflect arrows easily but cannot do the same with large swords and he goes down. Dancing Bear calls forth a wall of fire and traps three of the opposition inside, two burst through the flames and she then calls another tighter wall around the remaining enemy within, they have to burst through two walls are badly injured and heal themselves before going down in a flurry of arrows. Soon the party are face to face with Dra Goth and he goes down easy, too easy. There is a silence and the team look at each other wondering whether they have really defeated this evil foe or something far worse awaits them….

People once believed that when someone dies, a crow carries their soul to the land of the dead.  I'm here to tell you it's true
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