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Author Topic: 2.0 The Book  (Read 1880 times)
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« on: 19 June 2009, 17:28:59 »

We reach around the neck of the dead creature we think is Dra Goth to find a journal, with trepidation the tome is opened and the pages are read

The first reads:
A new power grows inside me, a new view of this world that has longed to be awaken now stirs. There is so much to change but the time is now. The visions come to me more often. I have seen myself in greatness serving darkness and my lord. So much to change, so much to pray for. It will all start with the darkness and will move forward from there.

The second reads:
There is a coldness in the air, I feel a change coming. Darkness will finally set in and the creatures that hide will come out. It is time for the reign of good to end, it is a time for King Arron to fall and this world be released from his tyrannical hands. Too long have we all had to live under his laws and his rules.

The third reads:
Deep in the south the darkness first appears. My seven brothers and I have gathered to set into motion the changes we need to make. The world will be one under the moon, no longer will there be a battle between good and evil, a battle that till now was fought mostly in dark places. Soon the only battles will be for survival and supremacy. My master wishes me to lead this world. He wishes for me to bring us all to a place of power, Castle Caltreen will fall. I will make it my home once it is cleared. Soon after I will start to build a place of my own.

The fourth page reads:

This new life I have is refreshing. The power bestowed onto me is overwhelming. I find that I need time to process it all, there is no time though, things are changing to fast. I look at thier seven faces and they expect answers. I thank them for following me without asking too many questions. The trust they have in me honors me and enpowers me, but it also worries me as I lead them into the unknown. Each day though it seems that all is working as I have been instructed.

The fifth page:

There is a certain calmness in me as I look into the sky and know Raynar is watching over me. He smiles at the way the world has changed. He is joyful to know his prison is now what has brought this world into a dark world that he alone watches form. The other gods are afraid to act and react with the great Raynar watching over.

Page six:

All gather in the south to ride to Caltreen. It is a sickening feeling, seeing the power gathered here. This assembled group contains creatures I knew nothing of. Creatures that have grown in power in the darkness where they hid. Caltreen will fall, but there will be much death when these parties meet. I am still trying to learn more about who I am, or what I am to be, and hope to know more before reaching caltreen.

With the turn from page six to seven you see there has been a page obviously torn out. Upon closer inspection you see that there have been some pages more carefully removed earlier.

Page 7:

All that I have seen and learned I have passed to my master. Hopefully he will be enlightened by the information my actions have yeilded. My possition and place provided some useful and some seemingly meaningless information to me, I passed it all on hoping that something in the meaningless is meaningful to him.

The attack on Caltreen will be a one sided slaughter, I have learned of the powers that will devastate the enemy forces. The dead shall rise from the mass graves below and will destroy all that lives before them. There is a plan in the works to abduct Amon and Anna-Lynda as a tool to keep Arron fighting.

Page 8:

The plan at Caltreen went off without a hitch. There were some impressive attempts by those inside the walls to defend against the attack, but they were ultimately small thorns in our sides and quickly they ceased when the walls were filled with the dead. As quick as it was the battle lead to much information. There seems to be many places of interest around the lands. There is reason to send some clerics to the keep of the doomed to question someone that is held there. There is a vessel that we are searching for, more information on it needs to be gained as well as a location where to look.

Page 9

So much information was gained in the past week but still there needs to be answers. A small group of men have been sent to several locations while I seek something out for myself. We have sent three members to Crie Isle where we think that this vessal may be. Hopefully we will be the only ones, or first ones to get there. I have sent seven of my best to the Iron Tower where we have learned that the stones anchor the moon to this world. It has also become important for me to travel to the East Reach there is something I must learn. I have known for sometime there is a secrecy about the plans there. Dra-Goth has trusted me but I think he will soon learn who isn't really part of his team. My possition in his army is no longer a safe vantage point but instead I need to find where he has been hiding this past week.

Page 10
It has been a long journey. This darkness has led us across a treacherous sea and into this land. We looked for allies to help fight the cause… Instead we allied with the enemy in hopes to gain information to thwart Dra-Goths plans. Lord Brightblade and my mentor Cometheus have told us many pieces of information to try to solve this puzzle. We had learned much more in the presence of Dra-Goth there may still have been many things yet to know but we had to leave him. We search for the truth and to set the world right in a strange land.

Page 11:
Today my party has sent me good news we have taken the dark tower, destroying many vampires along the way. They were powerful but we overcame them one at a time. In the end we were also able to destroy their coffins and destroy them completely. Their deaths provided us with many items we hope to use as we move forward.

We found the stones all but one. That one is believed to be carried with Dra-Goth. Until all the stones are gathered it will be pointless to put them into the vessel as it seems their hold on the moon has changed. No longer do they seem to be tied to the iron tower as a physical anchor, instead it seems they are using the magics that have been drawn from the world to keep the moon in its place. Also they found the body of prince Amon in the iron tower. Though many of his wounds were older it looked as if he had been tortured for some time. There was an attempt to resurrect the prince but there seemed to be no way to do so. I travel now to Kaceden to meet with them and place a plan in motion to rid this world of Dra-Goth.

Page 12:
The Gamemaster has visited me again, he tells us that he can help us no more, he tells us that the other gods are angered by his interference. He also mentions an ambush and to be wary but can’t tell us more details.

We hear from many sources now that Thule is working for the enemy and that we can no longer trust him. We learned that he was at Crie Isle to retrieve the artifact of Agon. The group we had sent there unfortunately lost there lives trying to stop Thule from gaining it. We will have to find Thule before long in order to regain the vessel.

Page 13
My most recent journey was to the East Reach I have found that the man in charge is King Amon, this worries me after our recent findings in the Iron tower. The king talks about his brother Thule who is travelling about the lands in search of those things that will solidify the new world. It is now obvious to me where Dra-Goth has been, he has taken the form of Amon. I also learned that Dra-Goth needs only to wait a few more days until the men gathering at the East Reach are all changed into lifeless zombies from this horrible darkness his enemies will vanish and will become part of his own horde. This information must survive and I must get this to my party to make a strong attempt at destroying him and his plans. Hopefully we won’t be too late. Hopefully we find some help, as I have seen Dra-Goth in action and he holds in him countless lives and all the knowledge they hold.

People once believed that when someone dies, a crow carries their soul to the land of the dead.  I'm here to tell you it's true
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