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Author Topic: SG: New Roleplaying Games at Spirit Games  (Read 1670 times)
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Spirit Games
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Spirit Games Website Whats New for RPG
Overview   :   Spirit Games, supplying gamers with board games, card games, roleplaying games, d20, wargames and miniatures, for 20 years.
Website   :

The Time Traveller's Companion
Direct link   :
Time flies when you're having fun, but flying through time can present a whole host of problems. Whether accidentally creating paradoxes, upsetting the course of history or trying to Put Things Right, you're going to need to know your way around the Vortex. You need a guide... a companion.

This supplement for Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space gives more information on Time Lords, temporal mechanics and time machines, including:

Gallifreyan culture, history and law
New options for creating and playing Time Lord characters
More on the physics of Time, temporal phenomena and Time Travel
Detailed information on the TARDIS, and rules for creating your own
Secrets of the Time Lords

A Song of Ice and Fire Campaign Guide: A Game of Thrones Edition
Direct link   :
The Coming Storm

Westeros, a land where summers can last for years, and winters for a lifetime, where magic and dragons once reigned. But now the dragons are dead, and the magic with them - or so everyone believes. It has been a handful of years since the usurper Robert Baratheon took the Iron Throne from the Targaryen dynasty, and a fragile peace exists in the Seven Kingdoms, but ancient forces stir in the lands of eternal cold beyond the Wall, and corruption spreads its influence throughout the court at King's Landing. Winter is coming, and with it the icy winds of war.

A Song of Ice and Fire Campaign Guide of the SIFRP Campaign Guide is your complete resource on George RR Martin's Wesreros. In its pages you will find a complete history of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, from the days of the First Men to the reign of the Targaryen kings and the War of the Usurper. Its chapters cover the lands from the North to Dorne, the Iron Islands to the Stormlands, including a look beyond the shores of Westeros to the Free Cities and the lands across the Narrow Sea and more.

You'll also find descriptions, illustrations, and game information on the many characters of the Song of Ice and Fire saga, including the Starks of Winterfell, the cunning Lannisters, King Robert and the royal family, the last of the Targaryens, and many more. Within is everything you need to make the story of Westersos your own, to choose the destiny of the Seven Kingdoms and write your own tales of honour, betrayal, family, ambition, and the struggle for power that is the Game of Thrones!

This new edition of the ENie Award winning sourcebook revises and updates the original, making it the indispensable guide for fans of the novels, the TV show, and the roleplaying game.

Only War: Hammer of the Emperor
Direct link   :
Steel Your Nerves for War Without End!

The soldiers of the Imperial Guard stand resolute against the horrors of the galaxy. Arm yourself with new weapons and training to overcome the odds and vanquish your foes!

New options for Regiment Creation, new renowned regiments such as the Attilan Rough Riders, Kasrkin, and Tanith First-and-Only, and rules for Mixed Regiments give players unique ways to wage war in the 41st Millennium.

Advanced Specialities allow seasoned Guardsmen to hone their skills to a deadly edge with options including Brawler, Sharpshooter, and Tank Ace.

Requisition deadly new weapons, cybernetics, and even cavalry mounts with an expanded armoury and rules for Mounted Combat. Plus, unlock new Talents and Comrade Orders for all characters.

March to war backed by the vast might of the Imperial Guard!

Clockwork and Chivalry: Dark Streets
Direct link   :
The Adventures of the Bow Street Runners in their Struggle Against the Minions of the Cthulhu Mythos

London, 1749: A city of vice, crime and misery. Gangs of ruffians rule the streets, unopposed. Brothels proliferate. Child-beggars starve in filthy gutters. Corrupt night-watchmen and thief-takers turn a blind eye to wrong-doing. And dark creatures lurk in back alleys, called from beyond by the desperate with nothing left to lose.

But there is a new force on the streets of London; for the author and magistrate Henry Fielding has teamed up with his brother John to form the city's first police force - the Bow Street Runners. The Fieldings have persuaded parliament to fund their crime-fighting endeavour, but they know that there is something behind the vice - for John Fielding's blind eyes can see things that others cannot - things that man was not meant to know.

Dark Streets is a worldbook and adventure for the Renaissance Deluxe RPG, in which players take on the roles of officers in London's first, desperately small, police force, investigating the dark secrets behind the sordid crimes of eighteenth century London. A mixture of authentic history and the cosmic horror of HP Lovecraft, Dark Streets comes to you from the designers of Clockwork & Cthulhu, Clockwork & Chivalry and the Origins Award Nominated Abney Park's Airship Pirates RPG>

Requires the Renaissance Deluxe RPG core rulebook.

God Game Black
Direct link   :
The game's played in the corridors of power in Westminster and Washington. It's played in alleyways in Bangkok and desolate hillsides in Afghanistan. It's played in the skies of distant alien worlds, where terrible things slumber behind the wall of pain. The game's played with bullets and with secrets, and they're both equally deadly.

Our opponents in this game are cultists and monsters. Some of them are deluded pawns. Others know what they'll unleash with their next move. If we lose the game, we lose everything.

This sourcebook for the Laundry Files expands on the revelations of The Apocalypse Codex novel and sends your games hurtling towards Armageddon. Inside, you'll find:

External Assets, the Laundry's deniable operation department
Secrets of the Black Chamber
Dossier reports on CODICIL BLACK SKULL and the Plateau of the Sleeper
Two new adventures
And many more horrors...
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