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Author Topic: Before the Sun Rises - Final Chapter Episode 5  (Read 1447 times)
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« on: 01 July 2009, 01:28:49 »

The Keep on the Shadowfell protected a Seal. An arcane circle, holding closed a way to the Shadowfell, and a temple ancient even by the reckoning of Gods and Devils. The Seal stood unbroken, but the Shadowfell has found a way around it. The Captain of the fallen keep, mad murderering Sir Keegan wails behind you as you descend the nightmare spiral. Chains rattle, a faint, unhealthy wind blows across alien seas. A dank, impossibly ancient temple sprawls beneath you, stinking of foul, fishy death as it sits half-in and half out of the black, oily ocean.

Somewhere in this foul, sea-lashed temple Kalarel Corwinus has begun the Ritual that will crack open the Sun Eater's planar-prison. The Vampire 'Linora' claimed that this would truly end all things, though she claimed that Kalarel himself cared only for the power it will bring him.

Time is running out. Will you reach the mad cultist before it is too late? What horror does the Temple of the Sun Eater conceal?

 And why does Aldus keep scratching like that...

All this, perhaps, or more at the usual time, back in the usual place.
7pm onwards, Spirit Games.
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