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Author Topic: Before the Sun Rises - Final Chapter Episode 7  (Read 1517 times)
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Deep inside the risen temple of Ogg'Ullothon, the party has found the main Altar, attended by two chanting cultists, and a pair of milky-eyed lunatics in loincloths. Though you have tracked down the Vampire going by the name of 'Sister Linora', you have found no sign of the mysterious Kalarel.

The battle was fierce, but is far from over. The might of the Cult of Ogg'Ullothon is not to be trifled with, and they are protecting the way down into the bowels of the temple most ferociously. Blood oozes across the floor, and moisture drips from the ornate walls.

In this nightmarish place, you must once and for all stop this mad cult, but what horrors await you beneath, you have yet to find out.

Spirit Games; 7pm onwards.
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