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Author Topic: Before the Sun Rises - Final Chapter Episode 9  (Read 1596 times)
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« on: 29 July 2009, 17:17:29 »

In the depths of Ogg'Ullothon's foul temple, you finally found and confronted the man behind all of the chaos and bloodshed. The man whose actions led, directly or otherwise, to the murder of your mentor Douven Stahl.
Presiding over the days-long ritual to crack open Ogg'Ullothon's extra-planar-prison and grow to godhood from the power unleashed, the villain was in no mood to barter or bargain.

You put him and his final defenders down in a shockingly breif explosion of violence. The black, soul-drinking blade weilded by the Lizardman Blackcrest pierced his back and ended his dreams of power, but not before he whimpered of the power he had been promised in exchange for his 'Sacrifice' and implied not one, but several mysterious patrons.

You have little time to ponder the fiend's last words, however, as the ritual was all too close to completion. The mists on the other side of the portal are seeping through, blanketing the floor in white, gentle vapors.

As you turn to leave, the great and ghastly raven landed before the portal and began to grow, taking on the form of a tall, scythe weilding figure in dark robes. There is a moment of silence, and the tolling of a great bell.

It is the End.

Spirit Games, 7pm.
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