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Author Topic: Tiki's KOTS - Before the Sun Rises...The End.  (Read 2296 times)
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Snakes in the Tiki Lounge

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« on: 30 July 2009, 17:12:36 »

The players stopped Kalarel, had a chat with Death himself (or an avatar at least) and learned a thing or two perhaps. Splug nearly broke the Monkey-skull artifact with the cute little mice, and Blackcrest nearly had his hand eaten. Splug also was given Kalarel's amulet, an odd, lumpy little thing that apparently radiates with power. it's funny, but if you look at it from certain angles, it almost looks like it has little facial features all mixed up on it.

The entire Winterhaven region, including the Kobold's Swamp, Winterhaven itself and the Cairngorm mountain range has gone. Torn out of the world by the mists of Ravenloft, leaving a gaping chasm to the Shadowfell, whose ocean lies below. The world in general, however, should be okay.

The remaining party-members, with Amelie still mysteriously missing, accepted a ride from Valthrun (who may or may not have been using Aldus's body as a puppet during the final battle. He denies all knowledge of such) the Wizard. They will make it back to the city of Lakath, in time.

The fate of Robin's Family remains a mystery, and they never did find out what happened to the Eldarin Wizard they started their quest with. To top it all off, there no longer seems to be a day-time.

The sun refuses to rise.


Anyone (especially the players) who has any questions they'd like answered about the campaign, or the setting, feel free to post them below.
Burton Delvers

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Artist For Hire

« Reply #1 on: 30 July 2009, 23:38:51 »

*Robin howls mournfully*

Reach for the stars, and if you only get to the moon, thats a hell of an achievement anyway.
Burton Delvers

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« Reply #2 on: 31 July 2009, 16:59:34 »

Don't worry; Blackcrest and Splug are your family now! - Through thick and thin!  Beer

'I don't NEED luck. I eat nuts.'
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