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Author Topic: SG: New Roleplaying Games at Spirit Games  (Read 1804 times)
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Spirit Games
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« on: 01 August 2013, 23:28:13 »

Spirit Games Website Whats New for RPG
Overview   :   Spirit Games, supplying gamers with board games, card games, roleplaying games, d20, wargames and miniatures, for 20 years.
Website   :

Black Crusade: The Tome of Excess
Direct link   :
Embrace Your Desires and Surrender to Sensation!

Slaanesh is the Chaos God of Pleasure and Excess. He offers the limitless bliss of endless passions and insatiable appetites to his legions of depraved followers.

This book introduces four new Heretic Archetypes, along with cruel weapons, rules for empowering minions, new Daemon Engines, and more to amplify the rapacious hordes of the Dark Prince.

Rules for expanded interactions and social combat allow players of all alignments to seduce their foes into becoming devoted lackeys. They also gain new ways to use their growing Infamy, plus new dark rituals to curse and entrap enemies.

New secrets of the Screaming Vortex are unveiled, such as Demons of Contrition, the xenos guardians of the Forbidden Portal Malignia's deadly jungles, and more. Heretics must also best a Pirate Prince of the Ragged Helix in their bid to launch their own Black Crusade.

Draw your blade and let nothing prevent your pursuit of excess!

A copy of the Black Crusade Core Rulebook is needed to use this supplement. Intended for audiences 14 and older.

Hellfrost: Land of Fire
Direct link   :
Welcome, oh noble stranger, to a land of flying carpets, bound jinn, glittering palaces, scheming wizirs, regal sphinxes, and trap-laden tombs bloated with fabulous treasure!

Freed from enslavement under the jinn five centuries ago by Suleiman the Great, the races of Al-Shirkuh, the Land of Fire, have prospered. Here, amid the endless sands and crumbling ruins of long-forgotten empires, stand glittering cities and verdant oases.

But Al-Shirkuh is changing. The temperature grows colder, the rains fall less often and the desert is encroaching on the fertile lands. The jinn, once defeated, are gathering their strength; fire giants are raiding with impunity; the naga have returned to reclaim their homeland; and the withered undead of Hekata stir in their majestic pyramids.

Welcome indeed to Land of Fire, the first major geographic expansion to Hellfrost setting.

Inside this volume you will find:

Five player character races.
Rules for creating native characters.
Details on the Devoted and Faithful, the twin creeds of the desert folk.
Descriptions and rules of the 12 major gods and six magical traditions of Al-Shirkuh.
New setting rules for surviving the burning sands.
A detailed gazetteer exploring the major realms, cities, and sites.
A bestiary stocked full of desert-dwelling creatures.
A full-colour map of the great desert.
To use this book, the Game Master requires theSavage Worlds core rules, Hellfrost Player's Guide and Hellfrost Bestiary. A player needs only the Hellfrost Player's Guide.

Spirit Games (Est. 1984)-Supplying role playing games (RPG), wargames rules, miniatures, scenery, board and card games for the last 36 years For enquiries ring 01283 511293 or email, or by arrangement at Units 267+268,B.E. Webbe Storage,Wharf Rd, Burton, DE14 1PZ
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