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Author Topic: Whos Who  (Read 3554 times)
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Hard Rain

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madder by parsecs

« on: 22 September 2009, 00:13:31 »

Please use this thread tom post a quick bit about your character a description and a paragraph of background you don't mind being public knowledge would be good.


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Burton Delvers
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I speak only of the Evilerginger who is coming

« Reply #1 on: 22 September 2009, 06:31:33 »

Count Mordeeci Valeszu

A tall broad shouldered youngish man with short dark blonde hair and red eyes Was taken of a troop transport by the order of the Inquisitor when his Regiment stopped off for R&R during Redeployment. Has no idea why he was chosen by the Inquisition but feels important in his new role.

Raised in a Noble military family on the Imperial world of Ghent lost the ring finger of his left hand in a duel at school, has seen action fighting feral Orcs or a couple of occasions the pennant he carries is from the first time he saw action and his Chimera was taken out by a Rocket its the pennant from the Vox Ariel from that vehicle


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Blissful Ignorance

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« Reply #2 on: 29 September 2009, 00:22:23 »

Ynes Kultrayn

The first thing that you notice about her how young she is - she must be still a teenager. Flawless features and porcelain skin; it begs the question of plastic surgery,  perfect makeup - not a usual affectation of the Technerati, distracted light blue gaze, svelte build. She looks more like a holovid star than a Tech-Priest. Her straight long copper hair hangs down to her elbow as she reads her scrolling dataslate held in the unusually long fingers of her right hand, an augmetic dataprobe from the index finger extended and inserted.  She wears a Battlefleet Mechanicus Rust-red wool mock turtleneck sweater with 'Pacificus-Asterius-Daedalus-Casus Belli' visible along with the skull-cog symbols in leather stitched onto the reinforced patching and the neck, this over a shiny grey leather bodyglove and charcoal grey naval security boots.  An antique bolter rests at her left hip and a laspistol is under her right armpit in a shoulder holster; the shoulder holster also has empty loops for grenades.  An unusual marriage of a knife and brass knuckles is sheathed at her right hip.

Ynes hails from an element of Battlefleet Daedalus that was shipwrecked over 1500 sidereal years ago on a Space Hulk.  After 250 years in (and out - mostly in) the Warp, the descendants were reunited with civilization 18 months ago. After a through vetting by Inquisitional elements to check for Warp corruption, it seemed a waste of effort not to recruit some of them into the Inquisition due their lack of personal entanglements in the current subsector and their obvious well-honed survival skills, not to mention the already freshly completed background check, psychic aptitude tests, and psychological evaluation.

P.S. Miiltary types would know the writing stands for Segmentum-Sector-Subsector-Shipname respectively.
Blissful Ignorance

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« Reply #3 on: 03 October 2009, 15:04:19 »

Quintos Frastus

First glance you'll notice that he may appear to hitting his first century, however with closer inspection (aka looking more than a second in his direction) it becomes clear that he's only about half that. With pure white hair, and has been seen talking to himself on more than one occasion, the more time spent with him the more clear what his specialty is.

Those who would look up his history would find out that he was indeed a sanctioned psyker, and despite a noted incident when his powers first awoke, has shown no corruption towards the warp since then. His home being marked as a trading ship that has been noted as destroyed.
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