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Author Topic: Threats ( inquisitorial general knowledge)  (Read 1953 times)
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« on: 22 September 2009, 18:08:02 »

None of the information posted here is known to the public but it is well known within the inquisition at the level at which the players will operate again I will update it as things develop.


The Red Redemption
a well known if ultra puritan sect of the Imperial cult particularly popular amongst the unwashed masses of the hives, large urban areas and orbital stations. Not normally a threat but over the last couple of century's  has caused trouble riots and civil disturbances on Dawn and Vorres prime.

Most of these can be interpreted as zealots getting carried away but the inquisition as it should is keeping an eye on this situation in case there is more to the redemptions purging of lax clergy than meets the eye. The Civil authorities generally don't like the Redemption because of the unrest amongst the proles it causes and the immense property damage a serious riot will cause in a hive or packed city. It is conceivable that the local administratium will attempt to manipulate the inquisition to act against it for this reason rather than any thing heretical.


Apparently a simple terrorist organization which has staged outrages on Vorres prime seem to be more interested in civil insurrection and change of the government of  Vorres prime to something a bit less autocratic. However the very bloody nature of these outrages could indicate something more serious and Inquisitor Verkan who passed through the area about twenty years ago was of the opinion that the Metromen where prime targets for infiltration by a murder cult or Khorne worshippers. At the moment the inquisition locally is monitoring civil investigations to see if they turn up evidence of any of that.

A psybooster drug of imense power made from fungi native to Vorres prime it will reportedly give a non psycher considerable if short-lived psychic gifts and turn a Psycher or sorcerer into a god at least until its toxicity and  addictive nature kills them. It caused severe trouble in M39.997 after which knowledge of how to make it was purged from all data stores and attempts apparently successfully ones where made to exterminate one of the fungi which are its key raw material. It remains a concern as it is still uncertain if anything survived either purge.


The Cold trade
until the recent discovery of a Genestealer cult in the depths of Dawn's Hive Primus the biggest threat was the cold trade with unscrupulous traders smuggling Xenos gear through the sector. Much of this was of Tau origin and all the more insidious because they appears on the surface to be so harmless. There have been examples of other more immediately dangerous items appearing but these are rare and seem isolated.

The majority of these exotic items in recent years  where connected with the activities of the Rogue trader Darius D'vion but the inquisition whilst closing down these operations have thus far not been able to pin any thing on house D'vion or trace where the dangerous items might be coming from. House D'vion is too powerful for the inquisition to act against without good cause and has it would seem friends in high places.

Station Zebra

an ore transshipping point in a system on the edge of the cluster was wiped out twenty years ago but the station was left intact and full of the twisted remains of the personnel. All the stored ore had been taken, but nothing else. By the time the navy arrived in response to an automated distress call by long range Vox cast several years had passed and the train was well and truly cold

The station is back in use but is considered ill omened and no other similar attack has occurred since either there or else where in the subsector


There was a general alert regarding these foul creatures as they are known to be the vanguard of the Hive fleets troubling Segmentium Pacificas for many century's. However until the recent events on Dawn no actual contact had been made. The Dawn group has been Exterminated but There is a heightened alert as it is feared that there may be more such cults & more well established ones.

Space hulks & derelicts

Whilst this has not happened in many century's ships lost in the rift some times drift into the sector either individually or as the conglomerate structures commonly called space hulks. These are generally more of a threat to the peripheral systems.

However  in M38.667 what is presumed to have been a warship from the dark age of technology entered the Subsector and caused  considerable loss of life and material finally being stopped only by engagement by main force elements of the subsector fleet. Once crippled it was boarded by Naval assault troops . On boarding it was found to be uncrewed but defended by intelligent machines who drove off the boarding party's with great loss. The Vessel was then destroyed by long range lance and torpedo fire, but even then it seemed to have repaired itself enough to get under way slowly and mount a limited defence against the torpedoes. Investigation of the debris from its destruction gave very little information other than its great age and human origin.


There is no specific treat but the whole subsector is surrounded by what some scholars believe to be a proto warp storm on the pattern of the eye of terror or Maelstrom and some Psychers visiting the outlying mining and ore processing stations report that the Immaterium is very close, uncomfortably so.

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