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Author Topic: Inquisitor  (Read 1933 times)
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madder by parsecs

« on: 22 September 2009, 00:29:50 »

all the players are online are senior enough to know that they are working fro the inquisition and who their inquisitor is

Maravan Argus Ordos Zenos

A skeletally thin man who would appear to be in his early fifty's but is probably significantly older. He is a man of few words and expects to be listened to when he speaks,even though he habitually effects the garb of a junior adept of  library none but a fool would take him as such.

He spends most of his time in the great library on the third moon of Vorres IV  and has never been known to leave the moon yet he always seems to know what is going on within the sector and he is quick to deploy his agents appropriately his principle interest is Zenos and the threat they might pose to this strategic choke point in the Segmentium Pacificus. He is however the only permanent inquisitor he will move beyond the remit of his Ordos rather than involve others.

his preferred method is to work through senior agents and he has several acolytes in important positions throughout the sub sector the most notable being Prioress Hildegard  on Dawn but there are others who make there association with the inquisition less clear


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