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Author Topic: SG: New Roleplaying Games at Spirit Games  (Read 1890 times)
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Spirit Games
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Spirit Games Website Whats New for RPG
Overview   :   Spirit Games, supplying gamers with board games, card games, roleplaying games, d20, wargames and miniatures, for 20 years.
Website   :

Band of Zombies
Direct link   :

Trail of Cthulhu: Eternal Lies
Direct link   :
A decade ago, a team of occult investigators battled to stop the summoning of an ancient and evil monster.

They failed. Now, the world is yours to save... or lose.

Welcome to a grim and sordid saga spanning more than a decade and more than a globe. welcome to a tale of great and terrible human ambition and petty human desires, where evils abound and the cost of battling them may be too high to bear. Welcome to a multifaceted, ever-shifting story of sin and salvation. Eternal Lies is an epic campaign which builds on Kenneth Hite's brilliant Trail of Cthulhu, to conjure a grand and dramatic adventure series that your players will never forget.

Expose Evil
With Investigators powered by Robin D Laws' GUMSHOE system, it's up to you to piece together what went wrong. Scrutinise ancient crypts, abandoned estates, and festering slums. Explore choked jungles and the crushed psyches of your predecessors. Follow in their footprints and make new ones of your own. This time, there won't be another chance.

Confront Corruption
Challenge the aims and ambitions of a worldwide cult addicted to perverse corruptions. Confront an awful and alien evil force and discover what humanity can do to protect itself from such terrors - for now.

Will you save lives, even your own?
In Eternal Lies, players take on an escalating quest to combat evil and save humanity - if it's worth saving. This epic campaign fuels many hours of Trail of Cthulhu adventures across global locales both thrilling and dangerous. As the players plunge deeper into mystery, the final horror seeps into them. Who lives, who dies, and who will make that terrible choice?

It falls to you.

Imaginary Friends
Direct link   :
Every Child has an Imaginary Friend

...But some are more dangerous than others!

A call for superheroes from a psychological research institute leads to the discovery that several children have imaginary friends that are very real. Most are harmless. Some are not...

Can the heroes discover the truth behind these strange creatures? Or does a sinister puppeteer hold strings and skeins that even the mightiest champions of justice cannot foresee?

What sinister secrets do the children hold?

Meet Mr Wumbles...

Your heroes will never be the same.

Dungeon Crawl Classics 78: Fate's Fell Hand
Direct link   :
Awash in a sea of phlogiston, three wizards battle for mastery of reality! But with each new day all gains are lost and the game begins anew. It is up to the adventurers to upset this ancient balance, winning free of the shrinking demi-plane before all is reduced to the roiling stuff of raw Chaos!

Will you strike a bargain, swearing fealty to one of the fell masters? Or will you attempt to master your own fate, pitting your luck and skill against arcane foes? Whatever you decide, you must act quickly, for grey worms press in from all sides and time grows short!

An exploration-based adventure, Fate's Fell Hand challenges new and old players alike. Only the most cunning can hope to thwart the machinations of three dire wizards and escape Fate's Fall Hand!

Dungeon Crawl Classics 79: Frozen in Time
Direct link   :
Eons-old secrets slumber beneath the forbidden Ghost Ice. Since the time of the Elders, the local tribes have shunned the crawling glacier, knowing it as taboo land that slays all who tread its frigid expanse. Now, the Ghost Ice has shattered, revealing hints at deeper mysteries entombed within its icy grasp. Strange machines and wonderful horrors stir beneath the ice...

Book of Beasts Legendary Foes
Direct link   :
Prepare to be Afraid
The Book of Beasts: Legendary Foes, the latest in the award-winning Book of Beast series, details the deadliest and most frightening monsters ever to grace your gaming table. Bring new life and peril to your mythic adventures with these fierce monsters and high level NPCs. Challenge your players at a whole new level with demigods and traps for the highest levels of gameplay from this 68-page, full-colour monster tome.

Spirit Games (Est. 1984)-Supplying role playing games (RPG), wargames rules, miniatures, scenery, board and card games for the last 36 years For enquiries ring 01283 511293 or email, or by arrangement at Units 267+268,B.E. Webbe Storage,Wharf Rd, Burton, DE14 1PZ
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