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Author Topic: God & Guns - a new Firefly Universe Game  (Read 2758 times)
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Mild Psychosis

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« on: 18 November 2009, 02:00:12 »

Hi guys n' gals

I have been writing - and nearly completed  - a new adventure in the firefly Universe.

It is based before the civil war. As in - there is no Alliance or Independent faction as yet.

My inspiration was a song on the last Lynyrd Skynyrd album - the first in many years - called "God & Guns". When I listened to the title track I could not decide if this was Redneck Republican crap or ironic comment. However, it got me thinking about the firefly Universe and what triggered the war in the first place. Combined with the whole thing about the mystery with Shepherd Book, God, Universal flight, colonising the stars, mankind etc...

Needless to say I have also brought in various wacky ideas like the Waco siege and the whole USA / CSA thing to create a pre-Civil War space drama. right / Wrong, why do we all show inate sympathy with the Independents in the firefly Universe etc..

It will eventually amount to around 4 sessions of roleplaying (at a guess) of quite questioning activity. The lightheartedness of firefly will probably be absent, as the drama is essentially dark, forbidding and thoughful. There are many moral questions posed and it might make people feel uncomfortable about what they think they believe (in a roleplaying sense).

Anyone interested?

I think this has some legs but it is a bit close to the knuckle so I don't want to run it without people being aware of the nature of it.

Any views?
Snakes in the Tiki Lounge
Burton Delvers

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« Reply #1 on: 18 November 2009, 04:01:39 »

Eh, I'm pretty unflappable, content-wise. As for my view of the firefly 'verse, I've mused on the whole 'independants are the good guys' thing many a time, so I can't say it's anything that's likely to upset me on that front. Smiley

Less lighthearted though? As in, we're talking more grim than your usual DMing? Oh, ho ho.

This I've got to see. Smiley

(Oh, and Lynyrd Skynyrd still records? Heh. Colour me pleasantly suprised.)
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