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Author Topic: BGG: The Geek Weekly Issue #3  (Read 839 times)
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« on: 28 February 2014, 08:30:03 »

The Geek Weekly Issue #3

by Brad Cummings

Welcome to The Geek Weekly(TGW), a weekly roundup of interesting things happening on Every day hundreds of comments and posts are made on BGG; it's impossible to keep track of it all. That's why we've created TGW as a way to highlight great content from around the Geek.

We do our best to provide a varied and diverse look at BGG each week. Found a post that you think should be featured? Shoot us a Geekmail.


Team Geek is Hiring: We are looking for volunteers to join Team Geek, the volunteers that help make BGG.Con happen. Apply today.

Golden Geek Winners Announced: You can view the entire list here. The Golden Geek Game of the Year is Terra Mystica! Congratulations!

This week's Geek Tip is on the front page. The front page is the main portal to and is fully customizable to your taste. Head over to the wiki to learn how you can setup the front page to show you exactly what you want to see.

To Infinity and Beyond!
User [user=Legomancer]Legomancer[/user] has put together a list of board games that use an unlikely concept: ∞. Check out the quirky rules that make infinity possible in some well known board games. Check out the full list and be sure to add if you can think of any.
View the list...

The Secrets of Solo Wargamers
While gaming is often done in social groups, wargaming is famous for its openness to solo-play. Pre-programmed historical scenarios can provide a challenging puzzle to solve. User [user=sorennarnia]sorennarnia[/user] has asked the wargaming veterans for advice on getting into solo-gaming. Interested? Find out what the BGG experts have said.
Read on...

Board Games That Would Make Great Movies
With the tremendous flop of the Battleship film, Hollywood has perhaps soured on the idea, but BGG users have come together to propose board games that would make excellent films. Somehow the conversation turns to Samuel L. Jackson, though that may be because he is in every movie ever.
Join the Discussion...

Adding Wings of War to...Everything!
Wings of War: Famous Aces is a popular dog-fighting simulation game that seems to be popping up with new theming all over the place (see Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game and Star Trek: Attack Wing). User [user=angiolillo]angiolillo[/user] shows us that the system can also be added into existing games. They have compiled an excellent list of fan-made rulesets for several games.
Read on...

To Wait or Not to Wait
Board games are often released in multiple editions, sometimes with large changes and improvements. User [user=krakrs]krakrs[/user] asks, is it best to buy the coveted first edition, or wait for future improvements? So, which do you recommend? Head to the thread and share your thoughts.
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Unboxing a Geek Chic Table
Many of us (myself included) dream of a quality gaming table as a perfect addition to our game room. Prolific reviewer Tom Vasel has purchased such a table from Geek Chic and gives a very detailed review. It is a great explanation of why such a piece of furniture is worth the investment.
Read on...

365 Days of Gaming
Since the start of this year, user [user=Denise]Denise[/user] has been playing at least one board game each day. This is a huge undertaking, and they are cataloging each day on their blog. It is fascinating to follow someone who is attempting to game every day.
Read on...

A Theme Focused Review of Tash-Kalar: Arena of Legends
User [user=RedMonkeyBoy]RedMonkeyBoy[/user] has taken a unique theme focused look at this recent Vlaada Chvátil game. It's wacky wizard arena combat appears to be both simple and unique. As our first written review, it is certainly worth a look.
Read the Review...

Major cataracts in Indigo.
Posted by:[user=filtus]filtus[/user]
Image Discussion Thread

Vimeo Video

Video Discussion Thread

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game
Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise of the Runelords – Base Set was one of the break out hits of last year. User [user=Tacohej]Tacohej[/user] has prepared a desktop application to help you manage progress in multiple game sessions. Be sure to check it out.
Download the File...


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Source: The Geek Weekly Issue #3
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