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Author Topic: NEXT LEFT - Forgotten Realms: Legacy of the Shard - Session 1  (Read 2181 times)
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« on: 02 March 2014, 01:41:28 »

Here are the session notes for the 1st session of the Legacy of the Shard for the Next Left Group

Carole: Erevan; Eladrin Male; Netheril
Carl: Anais Ninehands; Human Male; Baldur's Gate
Gary: Roark Redflame; Dragonborn Male; Warlord
Paul: Kairon Beladrin; Tiefling Male; Thay
Sammy: Quelenna Anastriana; Eladrin (Moon Elf) Female

Session Notes (I have put this as a spoiler as the game is a published adventure)

Waterdeep 12th Elient 1485 DR

In Baldur's Gate Anais (Carl) tried to steal from Roark (Gary), but Roark spotted him and turned him over to the authorities.  The Baldur's Gate Magistrate put Anais in to Roark's parole and found them working passage on to a ship heading along the Sword Coast.  Anais managed to upset the Captain of the ship and they were put ashore at Waterdeep harbour.
Quelenna (Sammy) and Kairon (Paul) were hired by the Obar Nevendil Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors to find the thief who stole a magic staff from Blackstaff tower.

Kairon is from Eltabbar (in Thay).  One of the few remaining places in Thay to have a living population.  He is looking for powerful magic to save his home from destruction.

Erevan (Carole) is an Invoker of the goddess Selune.  Erevan received a vision from his goddess telling of a danger beyond the Spine of the World Mountains.  Erevan travelled to Waterdeep to find passage further north.

Anais, Erevan, Kairon and Roark first encountered each other at the Cliffwatch Inn where they shared a table with Benwick Hardcastle.  Benwick ordered food and drink for them as they talked.

Benwick offered the them work guarding a caravan heading for Ten-Towns in Icewind Dale. In two days time.  They agreed payment of 100gp per person upon safe arrival in Bryn Shander.  Benwick gave then a 60gp bonus

I have pencilled in the next session for 29th March (please confirm if that is ok with everyone)
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