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Author Topic: More Adventures in Tellene - Main Tale - the strangers view  (Read 1666 times)
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« on: 08 March 2014, 21:04:27 »

Americís diary part I - What came before.

I cam out of the southlands not the deserts of the east, where the vainglorious  tombs of kings even more ancient than our kings of kings still fester with the unquiet dead,  but the steppe of the west with its scattered cities, long trade routes and equally ancient culture. I am Americ of the Kelarashi noble by birth but no great lordís son. A proud one none the less in whom the blood of those who overthrew the evil Asuri and the accursed Orisans still runs, if weekly in this late age. We are horse lords we Kelarashi as our long fathers where and most of us are content with the life they lead rousing only to war when the northern barbarians make war on us or the cursed Orisans goaded by one of their long dead kings rise up in revolt

Yet even as a callow youth I was not happy to live that life a horse under the sky. I felt called to some vague destiny far beyond my home land but I was not to know quite how far hence that destiny would lead me. First I decided to travel into the lands of the northern barbarians as our great king had crushed the armies of the latest petty empire to rise amongst them and trouble us just before I was born and there was peace to travel for those who wished to. So I travelled and found many horrors and marvels when I did as well as my calling in this life.

Let it be known that the King of Kings oppresses no one and if you keep to his law he will allow you to live as you please for his realm is wide enough that all who wish can find a comfortable life within. However in the Northlands they are beset by oppressors and every ruler no matter how petty oppresses those who they rule. Indeed as I travelled it seemed to me that the smaller and less impressive the ruler the more they felt the need to oppress others. To hold men and the kin of men as chattel to bind them to the land or in webs of forced oaths. This is wrong and even in these countries far from the wisdom of our ancient culture there where those who also saw this. Indeed the North men even had a true god who would aid those who would have the north men as free as the peoples of the great king. I saw this as good and I will admit not being as observant as some in the religious practices of my own people I found this god much to my liking and sought out a priest of the faith. Not easy for in a land beset by tyrants all who would have men free are outlaw and hunted and I said that I would swear loyalty to this northlands god and go forth and also seek to relive the oppression of the northern folk so that they could live as free as we in the blessed lands of the south.

It was not easy to be accepted as the northerners where suspicious off me I know, know and the history of us resisting the attentions of so may of the petty empires of the north was in the north often told as our king of kings going forth to conquer them. Tat we had conquered the lands of the evil Asuri and the accursed Orisans in ancient times was held up as an example of my peoples imperial ambitions in the present.

The Asuri gave themselves over to the worship of devils and the lords amongst them where more devil than man. That they made war on my fore fathers and the other peoples of the steppe to gain slaves and subdue them and that the first King of kings arose to bring a unity to these peoples and gather them together to defend against this. In the end after long war when the Asuri would make no peace they would keep longer than was necessary to recover from their last defeat. The King of kings had no choice but to over throw their country and put their lords to the sword if they resisted and the temples that they worshiped devils in where cast down. However the common people and even the half devil lord lings where not oppressed provided they acknowledged the King of kings and swore freely to honour his law and abandon the evil practices they had formerly followed. In the end the remnants of the Asuri had a better freer life under the rule of the King of kings than ever they had under their own devil kings.

The Orisans whose country had been reduced to ruin by the depredations of the Asuri invited the King of kings into their land to rule as all the lineages of their kings where extinguished.  The country had long since fallen into anarchy and been in decline before the first of the Asuri kings made his pact with the host of hell.  Even so from time to time some madman finds the tomb of one of Osranís great kings and the kingís unquiet spirit stirs up a revolt to restore the long dead king to the throne of an empire almost as long dead as the king. Even so the King of kings is compassionate using no more force than needed and allows the Osranís to live along their river as the please .

Still I digress but honour of the Kelarashi and the King of kings must be defended. Eventually by persistence and by not shirking form the task of bringing liberation to the northerners I managed to prove myself to the priests of the god and they trained me in the ways of the god, so that in due course I was made its priest. After that I spent some time going about in the northlands liberating those that I could where I could, but I felt that I as a Kelarashi I needed to seek the place of greatest oppression. I prayed for guidance and my god guided me to the city of Ebaran hard by the blight scar where the creatures of the abyss had over run the land and where only checked by a great army drawn form all the northlands and the magic of the pale. Here was the evil and oppression fit foe a proud Kelarashi to pit himself against.

I was in Ebaran a scant season with the companions I have gathered on my trip north patrolling the Pale line and driving back the lesser demons and their allies who could cross it a foot and raiding north into the blight to loosen their grip on it before Ebaran fell   on the day of the great muster and I fell with it coming to rest in this strange place.


seek solace in the doom of empires and the death of great kings
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