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Author Topic: BGG: The Geek Weekly Issue #5  (Read 1327 times)
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« on: 14 March 2014, 06:30:02 »

The Geek Weekly Issue #5

by Brad Cummings

Welcome to The Geek Weekly(TGW), a weekly roundup of interesting things happening on Every day hundreds of comments and posts are made on BGG; it's impossible to keep track of it all. That's why we've created TGW as a way to highlight great content from around the Geek.

We do our best to provide a varied and diverse look at BGG each week. Found a post that you think should be featured? Shoot us a Geekmail.


GameNight Season 2 is now Live!
GameNight, the regular YouTube show from is now in its second season. Head on over to watch the gang play Suburbia and Whacky Wit. Subscribe to the Youtube Channel for all the latest videos.

This week's Geek Tip is on the My Geek. Each user on BGG has a customizable user account with many options and elements to explore. Follow these instructions to learn how to use your own My Geek.

Lords of Waterdeep Strategies
Lords of Waterdeep is a medium weight, super accessible, worker placement game. User [user=theforbiddenlimb]theforbiddenlimb[/user] has prepared a video demonstrating some key strategies for the game. Be sure to give it a watch and get an edge at your next game night.
Watch now...

Board Games are Serious Business
BGG is a global affair, connecting all elements of the board game hobby worldwide. User [user=seriouslyboard]seriouslyboard[/user] hails from New Zealand shares their experience running a online board game retailer in the country. It gives great insight to the vastness and diversity of the hobby.
Read on...

Game Time Etiquette
What is your board game table etiquette? Food allowed? Drinks? What about cell phone usage? The thread below explores that exact issue. How much attention should we demand from our players at game time? Is it a full on event or is there room for taking online game turns between table turns? Head on over and share your opinion.
Join in...

Making the BGG Top 100
The BGG board games ranking list is a user generated ranking of nearly every game in existence. The list is a living feature and changes through time and shifts with opinion. This geeklist takes a look at upcoming popular games and predicts if they will reach the top 100. It is a fascinating idea and one worth reading.
View the List...

Two Similar Games in One Collection?
If you are like me, you try to have a game on hand for nearly any situation. What if you have two similar games in your collection? Do you get a chance to play both? Do you pick just one? This thread explores that dilemma.
Read on...

Games, Games, Games for the Poor
In a large game collection you may have games you want to donate, rather than sell or trade. Sure, there are thrift stores, but user [user=coopasonic]coopasonic[/user] asks if there is a way to donate games to those who will really appreciate them. Head on over to the thread for ideas of ways to give to gamers in need.
Join in...

Board Game T-shirts
T-shirts are must have for nearly any hobby. That said, it is about time we have some great board gaming t-shirts. User [user=Barticus88]Barticus88[/user] has started a list of board game t-shirt ideas. Head on over and add your own.
View the list...

Father-Daughter Review of Guildhall
User [user=lorinsilver]lorinsilver[/user] has reviewed Guildhall in tandem with his daughter. Her perspective adds interesting element to the review and is a must read for parents of gamers. If only my daughter could comprehend hobby games at one year old.
Read the Review...

A sight rarely seen in continental Europe.
Posted by:[user=oneilljgf]oneilljgf[/user]
Image Discussion Thread

Youtube Video

Video Discussion Thread

Firepigeon's Tuck-boxes
User [user=Firepigeon]Firepigeon[/user] has created tuck-boxes from some of the most popular games on BGG. Find a game you own and print out one of these excellent designs.
Download the File...


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Source: The Geek Weekly Issue #5
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