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Author Topic: BGG: The Geek Weekly Issue #6  (Read 964 times)
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« on: 20 March 2014, 18:30:04 »

The Geek Weekly Issue #6

by Brad Cummings

Welcome to The Geek Weekly(TGW), a weekly roundup of interesting things happening on Every day hundreds of comments and posts are made on BGG; it's impossible to keep track of it all. That's why we've created TGW as a way to highlight great content from around the Geek.

We do our best to provide a varied and diverse look at BGG each week. Found a post that you think should be featured? Shoot us a Geekmail.


Reminder to Register for BGG.Con!
Registration is underway for BoardGameGeek.Con. Be sure to register now to attend this amazing event. Head here to sign up.

This week's Geek Tip is on GeekLists. These are unique lists that allow you to gather and categorize nearly anything. Follow these instructions to learn how to create your own GeekList.

Board Game Manga!
User [user=merc007]merc007[/user] has found quite a gem on her Japan Thru My Eyes blog: a board game manga. It looks like it centers around a famous game store in Tokyo. It will be interesting to see what games are featured. Be sure to swing by for a full report.
Read On...

From Digital to Tabletop
In the early days of digital board gaming, many felt they would harm and destroy the industry. This has proven to really be the opposite as digital versions help to bolster and spread the popularity of the games we love. As an example, user [user=WilcoxDave]WilcoxDave[/user] has put together a lengthy list of games they have purchased after playing them online. Be sure to check it out and try some of these games online.
View the List...

Is Darts a Board Game?
BoardGameGeek captures thousands of games from all over the world, from traditional card games to table breaking hobby board games. BGG users are often debating what should be included and what should not. This week we have interesting debate on darts. Does it belong in the database? Head on over and make your voice heard.
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The Return of Micro Games
The latest trend in board gaming is micro games. These are games with a minimum number of components and, generally, a short playtime. Examples include Love Letter, Ogre, and more. User [user=Gnomekin]Gnomekin[/user] has written an in-depth blog on their thoughts on micro games. Be sure to check out their thoughts on this rising tide.
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Taking the Randomness Out of Deck Building
Deck building is a popular board game genre that allows players to control their own luck. Some are more random than others. User [user=splendorlex]splendorlex[/user] discusses deck building games that allow users to control more of their own luck. Head on over to the thread and add any games you can think of.
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Against All Odds
Many times military conflicts are decided before they start. Sometimes, however, a small force holds on against a large on. User [user=coyotelaughs]coyotelaughs[/user] has put together an excellent list of games that capture these amazing conflicts. Be sure to check it out.
View the List...

Gaming at a Cafe
Playing games in public is a great to pass the time and add some flavor to a social gathering. The list below features games that are compact enough to be played at a cafe table. If you are a fan of gaming in cafes or pubs, this is a list you need to study.
View the List...

Smash Up Review in an Airport
User [user=tar3820]tar3820[/user] has reviewed Smash Up while stuck in an airport. She brings a unique style, providing an interesting setting for her commentary while still delivering great information about the game. Be sure to give this unique review a watch.
Watch the Review...

Viticulture IRL
Posted by:[user=dieffe]dieffe[/user]
Image Discussion Thread

Youtube Video

Video Discussion Thread

PNP Game: Iron Horses
Some great games can come form Print and Play Designers. Take a look at the latest games from [user=prael]prael[/user]. It is a well designed game featuring equally well designed components. Be sure to give it a try.
Download the Files: Rules, Components


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Source: The Geek Weekly Issue #6
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