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Author Topic: Next Left Forgotten Realms Legacy of the crystal Shard session 2  (Read 2002 times)
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« on: 27 April 2014, 04:24:09 »

Here is the much belates notes for session 2 of the Legacy of they crystal shard

Warning this is a published adventure so I have put it as a spoiler

Session 2 (Carl, Carole, Gary, Paul, Sammy) – 29/03/14
Waterdeep: 2nd Elent 1485
Anais, Evervan, Kairon and Ro-ark are all in the Cliffwatch Inn dining with Benwick Hardcastle when Anastriana joins them.
After they leave the Cliffwatch Inn with a drunken sleeping Anais being carried by Ro-ark. They are attacked by a gang of ruffians. 
The heroes manage to defeat the ruffians, then Benwick reveals that they were being tested by Benwick.  Benwick approved of their ability to deal with the ruffians.
Waterdeep: 4th Elent 1485
The heroes go to Benwick coaching tavern and meet the other guards, Emryth (Human Female, Wizard), Cara (Human Female, Ranger) and Darvan (Dwarf Male, Fighter)
The Caravan leaves Waterdeep heading north towards Luskan
Between Waterdeep and Luskan: 4th Elent1485 to 14th Elent 1485
The journey from Waterdeep to Luskan takes a Ten-Day but is uneventful.

Luskan: 14th Elent 1485
The caravan arrive outside of Luskan,  most of the caravan camp a short distance away from Luskan.  Benwick takes only one cart plus the adventurers in to Luskan.
Benwick meets his brother Redgar Hardcastle and arranges the cargo to be shipped.
Anastriana and Anais go in to the Black Sun Tavern to find out the local gossip.  They hear about how unseasonalby cold it is, they also spot a small shrine to Auril.
Erevan agrees to helping Emryn Dawe (a priest of Selune) get a crate to Aarun in Bryn Shader.
Kairon prevented a pickpocket from stealing Ro-ark's money poach.
Erevan confirms with Benwick about delivering the crate to Aarun.  Emryn pays 300gp (Benwick gives 100gp to Erevan as a finders fee).
Erevan is rewarded with magical armour
Between Lusken and The Ten-Trail Pass 14th Elent 1485 to 20th Elent 1485
On the 6th day of the journey Anais spots the ruins of the last caravan out of Luskan.
The caravan was attacked by goblinoids wielding cold magic. 
Kairon finds a magical circlet
Between The Ten-trail Pass and Bryn Shader: 20th to 25th Elent 1485
Anastriana and Anais spot tracks of various creatures roaming the area.
Anastriana manages to enchant her Bastard Sword
Anais falls from his horse and discovers his tattoo has magical properties
Ro-ark finds a magical warhammer

Bryn Shander: 25th Elent 1485
The caravan gets to with in sight of Bryn Shander, just as a troupe of yetis attack!

Dramatis Personae

Benwick Hardcastle (see Session one)
Emryn Dawe (Human Female) – An elderly cleric of Selune who keeps the temple in Luskan
Redgar Hardcastle (Human Male) – Brother of Benwick, Redgar lives in Luskan and represents the interest of the Hardcastle Trade Company in the city.
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