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Author Topic: Next Left Forgotten Realms Legacy of the crystal Shard session 3  (Read 2125 times)
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Here is the notes for the third session of the legacy of the crystal shard

NOTE: as this is a published adventure I have put this as a spoiler

Session 3 – (Carl, Carole, Gary, Paul, Sammy) – 26/4/14

Bryn Shander 25th Elent 1485
The heroes fight off and defeat the yetis attacking the caravan.  Whilst the town guard manage to fend of the attack on the town
Once they are inside the town they encounter an apthecary who is ranting about someone called Slim not protecting his shop. 
Ro-ark talkes to the apothecary and agrees to find Slim
Benwick takes the horses and wagon to the stables and the create for Aarun to his brother Dunavan warehouse ready for collection.
Asking around they find he frequents the Northlook Taverns
Erevan ask around for Aarun but is unable to find any trace of him
On their way to the Northlook they reach the market square and see a barbarian stripped to the waist and tied to a stake.
Anais talks to the barbarian who says he has been blamed for the yeti attack and the disappearance of the previous caravan (he claims his innocence).  His punishment is death by exposure.  Unable to free him because the guards are watching him Anais gives him some water to quench his thirst a little.
Anastraiana is approached by Helda Silverstream a dwarven merchant who offers her the job of caravan guard for a journey to the Dwarven Valley near Kelvin's Cairn, she offers to pay them 20gp each for the job. The caravan is due to leave in 5 days (30th Elent 1485) Anastriana says she will consider it.
Going to the Northlook Kairon and Ro-ark talk to the landlord who tells them about Slim.  He tells them that slim has a room upstairs
Erevean, Anastriana and Anais talk to the patrons and waitresses and are told that Aarun had been at the Tavern.
The heroes descide to confront Slim in his rooms.
Ro-ark strides in stating "I am Ro-ark Redflame and have come to get Slim"
Slim and four mercenary warriors are stood over the body of a man that fits the description of Aarun
They fight Slim and the mercenaries Slim falls quickly but one of the mercenaries drags him out of the room and gives him a potion.  Slim turns in to a rat and scuttles off out of the room before the fight ends.  The heroes defeat the mercenaries (two of them surviving to be interrogated).
The interrogation of the mercenary confirms that the body is Aarun, he was killed by Slim because he was prying in to Slim's protection racket.
Searching Aarun's body they find a note in his hand which reads ("Aarun – Problems have arisen.  Please meet me at the Northlook – Mithann")
Anastriana talks to one of the barmaids who tells her that Mithann is a Priestess of Amaunator who runs a small shrine near Geldenstag's Rest.  The barmaid also says that Mithann has never been to the Northlook.
They take the two serviving mercenaries to the North Gate guardhouse where Sheriff Marham is.  He is barely interested in the case they are reporting but takes the two mercenaries in to custody.  He claims to have never heard of Slim but Erevan is certain he is lying.  Ro-ark also ask Markham about the barbarian, Markham tells him that he was guilty of stealing food from someone's home.  They also believe he and his kind are responsible for the yeti attacks and the disappearance of the caravan.
Returning to the market square Anais talks to the barbarian and finds out his name is Hengar Aensvaard.  Taking advantage of the guards being disctracted by a fight outside the Kelvin's Comfort tavern Anais's slips a knife to Hengar so he can cut his bonds and escape during the night.
The heroes return to feast with Benwick and his caravan company before resting for the night.

Dramatis Personae
Benwick Hardcastle (see session one)
Aarun – killed by Slim for interfering in Slim's business
The Apthecary – angry about the lack of protection of his apothecary shop during the yeti attack
Slim – a roguish man who runs a protection racket in Bryn Shander
Helda Silverstream – a Dwarven Merchant trading in Bryn Shander, she is planning to return to the dwarven valley in a few days
Hengar Aensvaard – a member of the tribe of the elk, who has been sentanced to death for theft (of which he claims innocence)
Sheriff Markham – Markham is the senior lawman in Bryn Shander, he has little patiance for  adventurers and a strong distrust of the reghed tribes
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