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Author Topic: BGG: The Geek Weekly Issue #12  (Read 846 times)
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« on: 02 May 2014, 15:00:05 »

The Geek Weekly Issue #12

by Brad Cummings

Welcome to The Geek Weekly(TGW), a weekly roundup of interesting things happening on Every day hundreds of comments and posts are made on BGG; it's impossible to keep track of it all. That's why we've created TGW as a way to highlight great content from around the Geek.

We do our best to provide a varied and diverse look at BGG each week. Found a post that you think should be featured? Shoot us a Geekmail.


We're laying down the law this week. Ok, not really, but like any community BoardGameGeek has rules for posting and conduct. It is useful to be aware of what you should and should not post, I know it has helped me.  Follow these instructions to learn more about what is ok to post and what is not.

The Limited Collector
[user=Scottgun]Scottgun[/user] is the limited collector. They offer advice to gamers about what to purchase for a limited  collection. In this post they list 5 essential sci-fi games for any collection.
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A Pathfinder Journey
Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise of the Runelords – Base Set was one of the breakout games from last year. In this session report we get a first hand account of one groups journey through this deck-building roleplaying game. This is just part of a 100 part journey, be sure to check back for more adventures from this group.
Read on...

An Interview with Michael Schacht
Michael Schacht is a designer many great games, including one of my favorites Zooloretto. Check out this excellent interview with him focusing mainly on Coloretto. It is great to learn more about the process behind game design.
Read on...

Games Made Better with a Dash of Wheaton
A recent meme has seen Wil Wheaton photoshopped into countless situations, and this phenomenon has arrived at our board gamey shores. In this geeklist, users have edited Mr. Wheaton into several classic board games covers. These are quite excellent and a fun clash of geekdom.
View the list...

BoardGameGeek Euphemisms
Often we as board gamers will say one thing when we mean quite another. This geeklist collects examples of these sorts of phrases with their "real" meanings. As a side note, the Geek Weekly is produced by an awesome team of Steampunk Zombified Cthulus. That is all.
Read on...

Board Games!? For Breakfast?
Ok, so this is just silly. Very, very, silly. But knowing which board game you would be able to eat may come in handy during some sort of survival situation. Don't say I never did anything for  you.
Just click...

Unique Mechanics
Each year new board games are release treading old ground and introducing new ideas. Have you ever encountered a board game mechanic that really pushed the envelope? This list a collection of games that feature such mechanics. Be sure to add any games you know of and maybe check out some of these innnovate products.
Just click...

Marvel Dice Masters Review
Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers vs. X-Men is hotter than a hotplate on the sun. You may be asking, is this game for you? User [user=walterskinnerFBI]walterskinnerFBI[/user] has put together an excellent review attempting to answer that question. They have broken things down on many levels, even giving a quick comparison to Quarriors!. Be sure to give this one a look.
Watch the Review...

Posted by:[user=saksi]saksi[/user]
Image Discussion Thread

Youtube Video

Video Discussion Thread

Among the Stars Player Aids
Are you a fan of Among the Stars? It is making its way to the US in a bigger way soon, and user [user=Scubear]Scubear[/user] is on hand with an excellent player aid. These aids also include setup guides to get you enjoying the games faster.
Download the File


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Source: The Geek Weekly Issue #12
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