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Author Topic: Goods and Services  (Read 2224 times)
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« on: 03 May 2014, 17:07:25 »

Here is a list of goods known to be available in Bryn Shander

Rendaril's Emporium
Fine Clothing – 30gp
Frost Wolf Pelt – 840gp (only 2 available)
Hunter's Flint – 520gp
Muleback Harness – 520gp (only 1 available)
Surefoot Boots – 1,000gp (only 1 pair available)

Chest – 2gp

Wagon – 20gp

Blackiron Blades
Chainmail – 40gp
Hide Armour – 30gp
Heavy Shield – 10gp 
Leather Armour – 25gp
Light Shield – 5gp 
(other type of armour available to make by request)

Battleaxe – 15gp
Dagger – 1gp
Hand Axe – 5gp
Long Spear – 10gp
Longsword – 15gp
Maul – 30gp
Short Bow – 25gp
Short Sword – 10gp
Sickle – 2gp
Spear – 5gp
Throwing Hammer – 15gp
Warhammer – 15gp
(Other weapons available by request)

Arrow (in a bundle of 30) – 1gp
Cross Bow Bolts (In a bundle of 20) – 1gp
Sling Bullets (In bags of 20) – 1gp

Back Packs – 2gp
Bedroll – 1sp
Block, tackle & winch – 10gp
Candle – 1cp
Chain (10ft length) – 30gp
Climber Kit (includes Grappling Hook, Hammer & 10 Pitons) – 2gp
Flask – 3cp
Flint and Steel – 1gp
Pouch – 1gp
Hempen Rope (in 50 length) – 1gp
Tent – 10gp
Torch – 1sp
Waterskin – 4gp

House of the Triad
Potion of Cure Light Wounds – 20gp

Holy Water – 20gp

Holy Symbol – 10gp (only of Ilmater, Torm or Tyr)

Rierdon's Apothecary Shop
Alchemical Items
Antivenom – 20gp
Clearsence Powder – 20gp
Clearwater Solution – 20gp
Oil of Lasting Flame – 25gp
Tracking Dust – 80gp

Sunrod – 2gp

Claykiln's Bakery
Bread – 1cp
Cake – 5cp
Journey Bread (1days worth) – 5gp (50gp for a Ten-days worth)
Stonemeal Biscuit – 30gp
Trail Rations (1 days worth) – 5sp (5gp for a Ten-days worth)

The Market Stalls
Basic Clothing – 1gp
Cold Weather Clothing – 10gp

Dunavan's Stables

Riding Horse – 75gp
Warhorse – 200gp

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