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Author Topic: BGG: Spiel Des Jahres 2014 Nominees and more - The Geek Weekly Issue #15  (Read 1040 times)
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Spiel Des Jahres 2014 Nominees and more - The Geek Weekly Issue #15

by Brad Cummings

Welcome to The Geek Weekly(TGW), a weekly roundup of interesting things happening on Every day hundreds of comments and posts are made on BGG; it's impossible to keep track of it all. That's why we've created TGW as a way to highlight great content from around the Geek.

We do our best to provide a varied and diverse look at BGG each week. Found a post that you think should be featured? Shoot us a Geekmail.


Spiel des Jahres 2014 Nominees Announced
The Spiel des Jahres nominees were announced this week on BGG News. The SDJ is arguably the biggest award in gaming and focuses on new releases that are great for families. There is also the Kennerspiel which focuses on more complex games, and the Kinderspiel which highlights games for kids. Be sure to check out the list of nominees and see if you can play some of them before the awards are announced.

May Promos Now Available!
Each month the BGG store gets news promos from publishers around the globe. These promos are small expansions to some of your favorite games. The new promos for May are now live, so head over to the store and order them while you can.

If you are like me, you do a lot of your web surfing using a mobile device. Not only are they with us all the time, but the are often constantly connected. BoardGameGeek has several options for accessing the sit while on the go. Follow these instructions to learn about how to access BGG on your mobile device.

A Beautiful Nominee
Splendor is one of this year's Spiel des Jahres nominees. Release at Essen, this game has slowly been making its way around the globe. If you have not yet had a chance to play it, you may enjoy these beautiful photo impressions from user [user=henk.rolleman]henk.rolleman[/user]. They do a great job at showing the game from several angles.
View the photos…

The Stories Games Could Tell
Trading board games with others is a great way to keep your collection fresh while not spending a lot. Used games say a lot about us. How do we organize our games? How do we store them? Do we let cats chill in our boxes? These are all things you can learn from a used game. Do you enjoy these glimpses into another gamers life? Join the discussion below.
Join in…

Spiel des Yawnes
Everyone's a critic, or at least user [user=tonyboydell]tonyboydell[/user] is one. In his blog this week he has spoofed on the Spiel des Jahres nominees, giving silly commentary and putting forward games he thinks should have been given kudos. It's a funny read, and it is always good to see another side to an announcement.
Read on…

A Geeklist Game
This unique geeklist is more than just a collection of games, it is a community driven game. Featured on each post are silhouettes of famous cities, and you are tasked to identify them all. Head on over now and see how many you can pick out.
View the list…

The Big Box Wishlist
A Big Box game is one that contains a base board game along with a mess of expansions in one box. Few games have reached this pinnacle of awesomeness (or jump-the-shark-iness depending on how you look at it). Current members of this club include Carcassonne, Alhambra, Dominion, and more. This list features games that we wish would have a Big Box edition, but do not yet. Take a look and see if you have any to add.
View the list…

Game Length and Time Value
What is your ideal game length? Does this change when you are playing with different groups? User [user=Solid]Solid[/user] has taken an in-depth look at the many factors that go into game length and how both designers and players can use game length to their advantage.
Read on…

"My First Character" Comic
User [user=jasri]jasri[/user] has started a new board gaming comic focused on a group of RPG playing women. Reading the first issue this looks like a great story for anyone getting into roleplaying. It touches on both the fun and awkwardness of roleplaying. Be sure to give it a read.
Read on…

Port Royal Review
We're back with another written review this week (surprise!). This time user [user=mischip]mischip[/user] takes a look at Port Royal. They use a unique "Light Bites" style, giving a nice short review that summarizes and critiques the game. Be sure to give this a read and learn why the writer rates it as "excellent."
Read the Review...

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Cthulhu Wars: Hex
This home-brewed expansion uses a hex tiles to create custom maps and takes place in space. It is meant to expand Cthulhu Wars by giving giving more variety in maps and strategies. Be sure to check out this file and take your Cthulhu battles to the entire mythoverse!
Download the File


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Source: Spiel Des Jahres 2014 Nominees and more - The Geek Weekly Issue #15
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