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Author Topic: Next Left Forgotten Realms Legacy of the crystal Shard session 4  (Read 2541 times)
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Session 4 – (Carl, Caz, Paul, Sammy) – 24/05/14

Bryn Shander 26th Eleint 1485

Anais (Carl) was woken in the early hours of the morning by shouting in the lodging house. He decided to covertly go and see what was going on.  He overheard talk of a fire.

Waking the others up they decided to go and see what was going on.  Meeting Darvan on their way out of the lodging house he tells them that Dunavan's warhouse is on fire and the warehouse teamsters are being woken to help put out the fire.

The party help in putting out the fire.  The warehouse is ruined but no other buildings are harmed.

The party suspect that the warehouse has been deliberatly burned to cover a break-in. Investigating they find evidance that alchemical fire has been used to burn the warehouse

Worried that the create that should have gone to the late Aarun was either in the warehouse or has been stolen Erevan casts a Hand of Fortune ritual.

The ritual indicates that the create is in Dunavan's other warehouse.

Going to the warehouse the find that the create is ok.  Ro-ark agrees to stand guard over the create.

The rest of the party go to talk to Rierdon (the apothecary who asked them to find Slim). They tell him that they have dealt with Slim's gang but Slim got away.  Rierdon stormed in to his shop grumbling.

The party (except for Ro-ark) go to see Mithann (the cleric of Amaunator) and talk to her about Aarun (telling her he had been killed), she tells them that the note found in Aarun's hand is a fake (her note had been inviting Aarun to meet Aglonell at the Geldenstag's rest (not meeting her at the Northlook)

Mithann tells the party that the create contains silver weapons, to help defeat the wererat gang that has appeared in Ten-Towns.  Kairon offers Mithann the two gems they found on Aarun's body so they can be returned, she tells them that Aarun is a Son of Elminster (an orphan from an orphanage sponsered but the Archwizard Elminster), Kairon insread offers the gems as a donation to her Shrine.  Mithann says that with Aarun gone they are welcome to use the weapons in the create.

Mithann also tells them about Aglonell the hunter, who came to her after he was rebuffed by Sheriff Markham.  Aglonell is conserned about a large outlaw gang living out in the wilderness that have been stealing the catches from his traps.

The party return to the warehouse where Dunavan hires them to guard his surviving warehouse overnight (they accept).

They took the create to their lodging house and equiped themselves with silvered weapons.

Then the party went to sleep ready for their night shift.

Bryn Shander 27th Eleint 1485

Whilst guarding the warehouse the hobgoblin Marek the Shank and a gang of mercenaries had been smuggled in to the warehouse in creates.  Emerging from the creates they attempt to find Aarun's create but end up fighting with the party.  Marek escapes during the fight using a ritual scroll of teleportation.

Interrogating the survivng mercenary they find out that Marek and Slim lead an outlaw gang but answer to an unamed master.

After a rest they go out in to the wild to talk to Aglonell

Aglonell tells them about the outlaws and takes them to their hideout.  They meet a merchant on the road returning from the Dwarven Valley, he tells them about a missing mining team and the about the black ice trinkets he has brought to sell in Bryn Shander.

They manage to deal with the outlaws by smoking them out. They manage to defeat Marek the Shank who was still in the hideout.

They find a letter to Slim from their unknown master. 

(The note reads): Slim.   I presume the 'slight problem' you mentioned in your last report has been dealt with.  We can't have any surprises interfering with the speaker's public audience – those not of our making at least.   Duvessa has been doing a better job of couring public opinion than I anticipated.  Bring a score of your best into town and come see me.  We will need to act more decisively if I am to be assured of claiming her seat at the head of the Council of Speakers. (singned with a sigil).

Dramatis Personae

Aarun – killed by Slim for interfering in Slim's business, Aarun was hoping to defeat Slim and his gang.

Rierdon The Apthecary – angry about the lack of protection of his apothecary shop during the yeti attack

Slim – a roguish Wererat who runs a protection racket in Bryn Shander

Marek the Shank – A hobgoblin mercenary captain working with Slim

Mithann – A cleric of Amaunator who was a friend of Aarun and Aglonell, hoped to unite them in their causes.
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