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Author Topic: Next Left: Forgotten Realms: Legacy of the Shard session 5 notes  (Read 2043 times)
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Here are the notes for session 5 of the games

Spoiler alert: This information relates to a pre published adventure

Session 5 – (Carl, Caz, Gary, Paul & Sammy) – 19/07/14

The Eastway between Bryn Shander and Kelvin's Cairn - 27th Eleint 1485 DR
Anais, Anastrianna, Erevan and Kairon are returning from defeating Marek the Shank and his gang.  They have six of the gang and Marek prisoner.

Whilst travelling along the Eastway they spot someone moving in the woods, the go to see it is the elderly trapper Isdren.

Isdren has found a body in a nearby stream, he needs help to move.

Investigating the body (identified as Aelcron the tinker) who was killed by a blow to the head and left face up in the stream.
Ro-ark and Cara Aumar are hired by Mithann to retrieve a body that had been staked out on the tundra.  The body was not identified by but is believed to be a sailor possibly originating from Luskan.

Whilst investigating the body Ro-ark notices someone travelling along the eastway, this turns out to be Anais, Anastrianna, Erevan and Kairon (with Aglonell, Isdren and the prisoners)

After comparing notes on the two bodies found Mithann tells them that she believes they were both offerings to the goddess Auril (the Frostmaiden)

Bryn Shander - 27th Eleint 1485

The group return to Bryn Shander handing the prisoners over to the authorities

They heroes try to make contact with Duvessa Shane (the speaker of Bryn Shander) meeting with her aide Travick Dunsmore.  He tells them that they Duvessa is in Caer-Konig dealing with a dispute and will not be back until the 30th Eleint.
The party decide to travel to Caer-Konig offering to protect Duvessa. 

They show Travick the note and he sends a letter of introduction with them

Caer-Konig - 28th Eleint 1485

The party travels to Caer-Konig whilst on the journey they encounter some Bear Tribe Raiders who made a half-hearted attempt to taunt them.

After arriving at Caer-Konig they find the Speakers house and after speaking to Crannoc the Speaker of Caer-Konig.
Speaking to Duvessa they tell her about the suspected plot against her. 

They learn that Vaelish is her rival he is a merchant from the Arcane Brotherhood,  Vaelish is new to the area (although he has had business ties with the Ten-Towns for years).

They also learn of her fear over the black ice and the way it make people act.
They decide to stand watch over the speaker's house.  Suddenly there is shouting.  Looking out to the harbour they the start of a pirate raid.

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