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Author Topic: Next Left: Forgotten Realms: Legacy of the Crystal Shard session 6  (Read 2149 times)
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« on: 01 September 2014, 21:04:25 »

Here is the notes for the 6th session of The Legacy of the Crystal Shard

SPOILER ALERT: The information below relates to a published adventure

Session 6 – (Carl, Gary, Paul & Sammy) – 30/08/14

Caer-Konig - 28th Eleint 1485

The party defend Duvessa from the pirate raid and a gang of Wererats sent by Slim to kidnap Duvessa Shane (the Speaker of Ten-Towns)
Once the pirate and wererats have been defeated, the party plus Duvessa and Alden Lowell (the speaker of Caer-Konig), escape to the ruined caer (tower) outside the town. 

Looking out to the harbour they see the pirate ship leaving the port, on its prow is a large howling fiend carved out of a black obsidian like substance

Caer-Konig to Bryn Shander - 29th Eleint 1485

They are able to rest at the Caer and Duvessa agrees to travel back to Bryn Shander with them, to confront Vaelish Gant (the person believed to be behind the attempted kidnap of Duvessa and the one Marek the Shank refers to as the master.

On the journey between Caer-Konig and Bryn Shander they notice many more creatures wandering the tundra.

Bryn Shander - 29th Elient 1485

The party and Duvessa go to Vaelish's Offices to confront him.  Knocking on the door they get no answer. 
Anais picks the lock but fails to notice a trap that gives them a jolt of electricity.

Opening the door they are confronted by Slim and his gang. 

Defeating Slim and the others, Ro-ark gets Slim to confirm that Vaelish is the one behind the plot to kidnap Duvessa.
They briefly meet Vaelish Gant who taunts them about his plans for Easthaven and the rest of the Ten-towns.  Then Vaelish teleports away.
Anastriana hears a whispering in Vaelish office (the others can't hear it at first), Anastriana follows the voice to a trap door under the rug in the office. 

Kairon is now able to hear the whispering voice as well.  Kairon opens the trap door, the voice says it can help him.
Following the voice he finds a long thin box with a staff inside.  This staff is the Whisper Staff (the staff that Anastriana and Kairon were hired to retrieve from the thief who stole it from Blackstaff Tower).  Kairon picks  up the staff.
Anais find Vaelish Gant's journal (which he dropped in his rush to leave).

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