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Author Topic: FR: LotCS - The Dropped Journal  (Read 2194 times)
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« on: 01 September 2014, 21:14:35 »

Here is the details for the journal found at the end of session 6 of Legacy of the Crystal Shard

SPOILER ALERT - the details below relate to a pre-published adventure.

The Journal of Vaelish Gant

1st  Eleasias 1485
I have found referance to a ritual of elven high magic that can ward a town from the walking dead, though not useful to me in this form I believe it can be modified to better suit my needs.  

2nd  Eleasias 1485
I have been able to track the location of the ritual, sadly it is not easily accessable.  Curse Laethir for his folly at letting the tower fall.

3rd Eleasias 1485
I have contacted my agents and plans are in progress to to aquire the seal to open the tower.  I will also need the Whisper Staff from Blackstaff Tower to allow mw to complete the ritual.

4th Eleasias 1485
I have gained audience at the Blackstaff tower.  It will be easy to take the staff the misstress of the tower is so wrapped up in her own grief that she won't even notice me taking the staff.

5th Eleasias 1485
I got the staff and I was right that she would be blind to my actions.  But that pompous fool Obar suspects me, I should have killed him, I will have to remedy that next time we meet.  For now I am glad to be out of Waterdeep.

8th Eleasias 1485
The road is long and dull,  I am glad of the chance to study the Whisper staff.  It's words are hard to hear but soothing.

11th Eleasias 1485
I have finally got the staff to whisper it's secrets, it tells me that I will be followed.  But I guessed that Obar may be a fool but he can be resourceful.

12th Eleasias 1485
A messenger caught up with the caravan, They have secured a seal it will be sent north to me, no matter it will  be spring before I will be able to retrieve the ritual.

15th Eleasias 1485
We stopped at Luskan today, seeing the Hosttower I could not help but chuckle at the irony of being so close but but yet so far.  At least my associates were able to join me, I will need their services in the coming weeks.

18th Eleasias 1485
So much to sort out so much planning.  All that whispering is not helping.

21st Eleasias 1485
This is the worst storm I have ever experienced, the staff whipsers of the lost fury waking up (more nonsense if I didn't need the staff I would have tossed it out in to the blizzard by now - it could whisper to that damn fool antler wearing druid watching us from the storm and save me a headache).

22nd Eleasias 1485
The storm has cleared, I have been able to stow the staff in to my baggage for the rest of the journey.  I will keep that infernal thing in the pantry locker, the smell of the salted trout will keep everyone away.

24th Eleasias 1485
At last this insufferable journy is over.  I have sent that whelp of an apprentice Pallidor to schedule and audiance with the Speaker

25th Eleasias 1485
That grinning idiot of an appreantice is no where to be found (I would guess that a yeti has eaten him but I doubt that they could stomach him either).

My meeting with Duvessa went well, she bought my line about being a merchant from Waterdeep, that should give me the breathing space I need to make my move.

27th Eleasias 1485
Still no sign of that fool Pallidor, he has taken his things so he must have walked out on my benevolant tutoredge.

28th Eleasias 1485
Slim reports that some fool is watching his "men" he must be more careful

29th Eleasias 1485
I have heard rumour that Pallidor is meddling in the afairs of the dwarves of the valley, I wonder what he is looking for (I will have to find out more from him)

30th Eleasias 1485
The seal should be shipped out from Luskan on the north bound caravan today.  My plans are starting to come together.

1st Elient 1485
I have arranged with Marek that my men will slow move in from the cave to the town just a few at a time.  Slim and his vermin will levvy a charge on the local traders to "ensure" their safety.

3rd Elient 1485
I have identifies the most influencial members of the town.  I will need then on my side if this is to work

6th Eleasias 1485
High Captain Rethnor and his crew have proved quite useful if a little crude,  Rethnor has introduced me to Scramsax he will proved usful to me, and the Northlook will proove a useful meeting point for my dealings.

8th Elient 1485
I have managed to find favour with Sheriff Markham, knowing his price and being able to pay it will allow me to step up my activities without too much interferance from the watch.

9th Elient 1485
I have just come back from a very lucurative evening at the Geldenstag's Rest, Myrtle was a fine host and fully supports my endeavours.  On the back of this I have made a contact of Rendaril I will visit him in his Emporium in the morning.

10th Elient 1485
Rendaril prooved most useful and most helpful.  I have I meeting planned with them all in two days.

12th Elient 1485
It has begun!  By next month the town will be mine, my conspirators and I will be very wealth indeed.  Exploiting the dwarves will be the next and hardest part but I am getting ahead of myself.

14th Elient 1485
Another storm it will be a cold winter, which could help me cause and buy me some more time.  The food stores I have built up may also help buy the loyalty of the people.  Auril be praised I do hope it is a long winter.

15th Elient 1485
I have sent my emmisary to the dwarves, I am sure he will secure an alliance with them, I am intrigue by this mysterious black ice that is coming from the dwarven mines.  I may have a use for it (although it could be dangerous – which is good as long as it is dangerous to others people).

22nd Elient 1485
The caravan should have arrived by now.  Curse the frostmaiden and her divine temper

23rd Elient 1485
I have sent a small group of trackers from my men to look in to the missing caravan

25th Elient 1485
The next caravan has arrived in Bryn Shander it bringes news that the caravan I have been waiting for has been raided.  I am certain that it is Icetooth and his band.  The seal will be safe enough for now, once I am established I will raise a force and send it to the Spine of the World and kill every last one of that goblin band.

26th Elient 1485
That fool Slim should have done a better job of dealing with that meddler Aarun.  At least he won't be bothering us again

27th Elient 1485
Pyrse has done an excellent job of getting his Ship Rethnor crew infiltraited in to the pirates in Lac Dinneshare.  Curse Marek's failure to secure Aarun's crate.  It looks like Aarun has allies I was unaware of I must make sure I avoid contact with them.

28th Elient 1485
The Howling Fiend with be an excellent distraction whilst Slim's rats deal with Duvessa.  I need to focus on dealing with Baerick's emmissary

29th Elient 1485
I have struck a deal with Baericke's emmissary our alliance will strengthen my claim on becoming the speaker (and gaining access to the black ice could be very lucrative for all concerned).

Because of Aarun's allies I will have to pull my plans forward to this evening (I am so close I can feel it)
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