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Title: Windows 10
Post by: CrazyFrog on 13 December 2015, 19:16:52
Well I've being running it for 6 months next to my old trust Xp.

At first I thought windows 10 good it's was faster than xp and all appeared good. But now it's a pile of @£)&))&£?!!)&&)£?££!
These are the reasons
Things I want to auto run won't even when you spend 10 minutes configuring the script for it to do so
Dual screen worked fine then for no reason wakes up out of hibernation and the 2nd screen has disappeared
When you switch it on or off you have to wait for 'preparing to configure windows' with know idea how long it will take, I need to use it now not in 6 hours when it thinks it ready
And finally after 3 attempts it will still not install to the new SSD I got to make it into a dream machine

So I'm going back to XP, why? Because it works!

Next stop will be the MAC shop because they work better than micro£&@£ does.

Not very happy with this new OS at all

Title: Re: Windows 10
Post by: Zarniwoop on 15 December 2015, 13:38:32
Well I have now upgraded both my main machine and Carole's machine to windows 10.

Both Upgrades went relatively smoothly, though I have an issue with Carole's machine with the En-UK language pack. So far both have been running well with no real big problems, you have to remember to turn off all the snooping options during upgrade/install and check them again after each "update".

I am slowly getting to grips with the new interface, splitting settings up between the control panel and new "Settings" menu takes a bit of getting used to, especially as the menu to get to the Control panel is a little obscure.
I don't use the hibernation options in windows, in fact I used the command tools to totally switch it off in Win7, because of this I believe it has not been turned on in win10 so I do not have the fast boot options.

I would look into removing or disabling the hibernation options in Win 10 and try again as the process keeps a copy of the loaded drivers hence the speedier start but this may be the cause of your woes. At the end of the day a slower but reliable start is much better, also from my perspective its a desktop why do I want it to go to sleep? there's no battery to conserve power and if I am down with it I should turn it off.

We're still in the early days of 10 and they will muck it up more than they fix/improve but it will get there. They gave it away free so there has to be a level of expectation that this is early release software and we are the beta testers!

Title: Re: Windows 10
Post by: PM on 24 December 2015, 18:06:42
Just to say that I've done 6 updates to Win 10(5 Home 1 Pro). All have worked. The little oddities(i.e. not full Win 10 behavior) that my own main pc had were all cured by doing a clean install.

Once you've done an upgrade one you can then do a full clean install if you want as the hardware hash of your machine is automatically recognized by MS once it goes online to activate. The downside is that if you change Motherboard in an upgraded machine you are likely to need a new licence?

One caveat for gamers of a clean install is there is no DX9  +:bandhead=+::banghead: (if you upgrade its fine) so you have to boot into safe mode and install it manually to get older DX9/10 and some DX11 games to work.

I can also highly recommend Start10 if you prefer other Start Menu layouts. It has lots of options for Win 7 or 8 or 10 styles and its only $5.

Merry Christmas
Paul M