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Title: Raiders of the Game Cupboard XLVII
Post by: Forum Staff on 05 June 2019, 00:56:40
Our next event will be on 22nd Jun 2019.

Below are the details for this event and at the end you will find the dates for all of the 2019 Events for your Diaries.
You can sign up for this event here

The Forty Seventh Board Game & RPG Event.

Saturday, Jun 22nd 2019, 10:00 am till 8:00 pm

A full day of gaming with plenty for everyone. New players are always welcome and the organisers are on hand to assist you in finding a game. To find us we are the ones with Name Badges and the Raiders T-Shirts or hover near the Ticket Desk.

A wide variety of games are usually played at this event including Boardgames, Roleplaying Games, Card Games, Miniature Games and a host of others.

There is usually a good mix of new and old games on offer with most attendees bringing some of their own collection.

The venue is a good sized hall large enough to accommodate many gaming tables.

Please let us know at any of the links below if you are running or want to play a specific Game and we`ll add it to this write up.

Main Locations:
Raiders of the Games Cupboard - Games & Players area on the Forum (,125.0.html)

We also post the event details on these sites:
Boardgamegeek Guild:
Spirit Games:

If you have ideas for the day let us know.

Sign in Desk for all games
Tea & Coffee Provided

The Address for the Event is:
Waterside Community Centre
Heath Road
Burton on Trent
DE15 9LF

Event Fee: 3.00 (Accompanied Children under 16 Free)

Please note that whilst people leave their games out during the day it is only common courtesy to ask the owners if you can borrow a particular game. If you are not sure who owns it ask the organisers or ask for what is available from the Spirit Games Library

Whilst children our welcome attendees younger than 18 should be accompanied by a responsible parent or guardian.

None of the organisers are insured, qualified, certified or trained to be responsible for minors please bear this in mind when you plan your visit to the event.

Many Thanks..
Further Details:

Future Dates for your Diary:
Day XLVII    22nd Jun 2019
Day XLVIII    28th Sep 2019

Opening Times for All Events
10am until 8pm