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Title: Question about Games
Post by: nomad3k on 12 February 2008, 14:35:27
Out of interest, I see you mention children under 16.  What would you have that a six year old could play?  I'm contemplating bringing Leif along.  It'd limit what I could play in and how long I could stay, but it'd be a nice father and son day out.

Title: Re: Question about Games
Post by: Arnu on 12 February 2008, 20:46:40

I'm bringing Pitchcar (a wooden track racing game) that would be more than suitable for him to have a go at.

I also have a game called wooly bully (a tile placing game about building the biggest field of sheep) would be suitable as well.

I'm afraid I don't have many game that are suitable for children as I don't have any my self and until July the youngest member of my family is in their mid twenties.

I will have a look around in case I have some old kids games buried somewhere.