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Author Topic: Atlantic Triangle  (Read 2038 times) Average Rating: 0
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« on: 09 August 2010, 22:40:26 »

The Artwork is superb.
The components and board are well made.
The rules are well written.

The Ship pieces could do with being easier to distinguish between players.
The ports in all of the regions could have had the symbols placed near them rather than in the middle as when players place their bases these get covered.

This is a trading game with players travelling the seas as captains of merchant fleets in the 18th century.

The players are trying to collect victory cards (each card is 1 point, with each unique card scoring another point) the first to score 10 wins.

Each turn consists of the following:
Seafaring: Roll Dice, assign a dice to each ship (keep highest numbers if you have less than 3 ships) and move accordingly.
if you encounter pirates you fight them before moving onto next phase.

Trading: Goods are exchanged or sold (Europe to Africa, Africa to New World, New World to Europe for coin. There are a couple of goods that can short cut this process) and/or investments made. Investments include buying bases at ports, buying more ships for the fleet, buying Victory Cards or buying cannon for your ships defence. Building bases also gains you Victory cards although. When you land at a port if it is able to accept more goods for trade you exchange your cargo for the good shown at the port or you can roll a dice to try for a different good ( a 6 or a number matching a good not available means you choose which good)

Event Card: Finally you have to play an event card either the card you have in your hand or one the top card from the deck. These can clear goods from ports allowing trade again, clearing markets in Europe increasing price of goods, moving or placing pirates or causing storms at sea.

The first two are optional but you always have to play an event card.

Ships sometimes take damage either by fighting pirates or facing storms this can be repaired at the ports in Europe but a second damage sinks your ship. If you have cannon and cargo you have to lose one when damaged. If you lose your last ship you get a free new ship in Europe. If you build an Insular base on the ocean routes you ships will be safe their during storms, other players can also use you base to shelter but pay you for the privilege.

I really enjoyed playing this game, there is a slow build up as players build up their fleets and amass their fortunes but as the game progresses the players begin to build up their VP's until someone claims victory.

Another advantage to the way the game is structured and plays is that it is relatively easy to pick a point and play to the end of that round and score if people need to shorten the game.

Excellent game with plenty of opportunity to plan and with the event cards scupper other players, there is a certain amount of luck but I feel this adds to the theme and enjoyment rather than detract.


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