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Author Topic: Distinguished Wargames writer cracks up  (Read 2523 times)
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Burton Delvers
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« on: 04 January 2012, 17:03:48 »

After a long discussion about the cuff colours of Huguenots in Ireland 1690/91 Barry Hilton cracked under the strain & wrote.

  It is not uncommon for descriptions to leave out that kind of detail although they could of course be the same colour as the coat.

I think what is useful to note is that our branch of historical hobby is so unforseen that no one in their right mind would have bothered to write down such trivial information at the time (which is so critical to us that it gives us sleepless nights :roll: ) as the colours of coat linings, socks, cuffs, ribbons or field signs! We sometimes need to take a look at ourselves... don't you think.. what a bunch we are! Can you imagine the reaction of an infantryman in a 17th army if he was told that in 300 years educated gentlemen were going to be interested in the colour and length of his dirty socks!

If in 300 years humans are still around and their hobbies are as esoteric as our generation's then maybe we should be writing and recording such details as:

Printed circuit board solder-metal splash patterns on solidification

Dress worn by Thai beach massage staff at Phuket's more popular holiday resorts in the period 2011-2014

Floor discolouration rates on SouthWest commuter trains in 2nd class (vinyl finish) after the severe winters of 2009-2010....

Just in the vain hope that we do not affect the slumber patterns of our progeny and theirs :lol:

I know that was not VERY helpful Andy but it was inside and had to come out (probably been hanging around in there for about 20 years!)
Sometimes I do wonder about my hobby and me!!

I note this should appeal to Crazyfrog given he is a professional train spotter.


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Burton Delvers

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« Reply #1 on: 04 January 2012, 17:08:14 »

Time for a vacation Barry, methinks.
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« Reply #2 on: 05 January 2012, 16:32:29 »

I note this should appeal to Crazyfrog given he is a professional train spotter.

Its all true, but I do also work for m..........    Grin

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