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Author Topic: Session 5: Search & Rescue!  (Read 1860 times)
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« on: 06 August 2007, 13:02:38 »

Silk having failed to get any useful info at the Admin building we formulated a plan of action and decided to go back there as our only tangible lead to the whereabouts of Phon Quatermaine. Armed with a small bag of gold to bribe the officials we set about trying to get some info.

Silk tried and failed to get anything from a Security guard, and then someone managed to get sent to the back of the queue asking an official.
So armed with money I bribed said official (as it turns out with enough money for them to retire) and confirmed that Helmets coach had passed by but that he had not seen Phon. I managed to get the location of Helmet Ittlesteine house and that he had a wife but they were no longer living together as she wanted Children but he would not allow it.

Armed with the location (Limit Street) we set of to case the joint. We noticed that there were very few servants around and so started to form a plan. After much discussion it was decided that our newest cohort Zero the Halfling Professional Bystander and Silk would disguise themselves as rat catchers and blag there way inside the house to get the Lay of the land for a later little visit. Whilst looking at the house we spotted the following symbol:

\         /

On the shutters of the house. We are fairly certain this is a symbol for the Fate Weavers who, by common knowledge, apparently deal in prostitution and telling of people fates.

They successfully blagged and intimidated a servant leaving for home into letting them into the House alone whilst he went home. When they got into the hallway they proceeded to make a plan, discussing matters underhand about clearing the house from top to bottom when they discovered that actually the house was not empty but had two rather tooled up and mean looking occupants one Named Monasta with a "Gun" and a large female. Silk tries to impress them by casting light on some "Divining Rods" he made outside. Failing to spot the clues that one of them looked very arcane aware, so they asked him why he was casting light on some sticks.

Valiantly they attempted to continue the ruse but after a couple of rooms Monasta had had enough and ejected them from the house. Having dropped the disguises (in another street) and having gone back to form a plan Zero decided to approach the front door silently in order to observe / listen. Having successfully slinked up to the door in perfect hush they opened the door for him and after a brief "chat" hauled him inside.

They tied him to a chair and asked a few questions, then threatened to turn nasty and he sang like a canary with everything he knew.
Meanwhile having finally come to our collective senses we decided we should maybe find a back way to the house and try and form a rescue of some sort. Silk sent in the snake and discovered where our friend was being held and that the two heavies were debating his fate either death or imprisonment until the boss returned. We had to make a move but we were seconds too late in acting and they had reached a conclusion!!... Luckily they had opted for imprisonment and the snake followed to where they threw him in a cell. Fortunately for us (the gods were smiling on us I think) they left the house so we had an opportunity to get in and do a search and rescue.

Leaving the Bard as a musical disctraction / warning outside we proceeded to free our comrade and search the house from top to bottom for any clues to Phons whereabouts. Having looked everywhere we found some maps of major city buildings with detailed plans, people movements, shift patterns, security rotas etc. We also found a notebook with a prophecy in it regarding the "Idol of Ravan" which will bring doom and is located under a vacant lot in Brandywine Street.

Whilst searching the house Zero found a secret room in which he discovered a drugged very pregnant phon. Having failed to persuade her to leave with him he called for help and the barbarian and myself came to his aid. Having brought to her attention some home truths about her boyfriend and mentioning we were working on behalf of Father Fabitor we manged to persuade her, thought reluctantly, to come with us. Unfortunately as we tried to make our way out a table became animated and blocked our way. The three of us stepped up to the challenge and attacked the table, the table managed to deal me a severe blow before we managed to send it splinters to the corners of the room. After this phon was much more willing to come along with us to see father fabitor. Just as we were finishing off the table we had a warning cry from the Bard that the servant was on his way back. We hustled down the stairs as fast as the pregnant lady would allow and as we passed the front door the servant was opening the door. Zero attempted to silence him by stabbing but failed leaving the servant to jump back into the street screaming and attracting attention of a group from the Sisterhood of Silence.

We make a hasty retreat out the back way, and whilst the Sisterhood search the house we escape to mingle with the crowd and make it back to Fabitors with Phon.

Having delivered safely the girl (again) to Fabitors safe keeping we return for a well earned rest in the pub. We find a quiet corner and look at the maps and notes we have found. We also find out that another City Cartare (where Helmet has supposedly gone on business) has had some violent attacks on Administrative buildings. Just as we discover what we have found in the house the Watch arrives to search everyone after a reported burglary in the Temple district. Thinking fast (well fast for us anyways) we manage to hide the maps and papers in the booth before we get searched. We lose some more gold to the watch as they frisk us for contraband but thankfully do not find the hidden maps. After they leave we are contacted by an agent for Lord Zavere requesting our presence at Castle Shard (now). In our usual competent style we forget about the hidden maps and go to meet Zavere at the castle.

He asks if we are in possession of knowledge of Sylucars whereabouts, we say we might have and he is pleased as he is in negotiations with him over a restorative potion for Lord Abucomby who is currently a golden statue. He informs us that if we can get the restorative potion for him he will pay us 1000gp. We accept as we are ushered out of the castle.

We went back to pub and rested for the night. In the morning we suddenly remembered the maps and went back to retrieve them which fortunately we did (The gods have smiled on us again). We decided these were too hot to keep or copy and so made a quick trip back to castle shard saying we had uncovered this plot and thought Zavere should be made aware, we also asked if there would be any chance of a reward for information received (but we are awaiting an answer!)

So after a brief shopping trip we make our way down to the site indicated on the notes in Brandywine street (any spot a link here with the prophecy)......

We discover a rather dilapidated hut with a rusty lock, which on closer examination is actually a decent lock made to look old. We break in and find several old crates and general rubbish but do find a trap door. We move the rubbish out of the way and our Dwarven Bard takes the the first look being the only party member able to see well in the dark. Having reported it safe corridor with a door the Barbarian followed after. As they were looking at the door it burst open hitting the Bard in the face and several gnolls started a fight.

I followed down the ladder and Zero dropped a torch down after me, luckily missing me, to illuminate the corridor and room beyond. Whilst the Bard and Barbarian hit the gnolls face to face I was peppering them from down the corridor with arrows. With managed to kill them all with Barbarian and Bard taking damage. Silk was at the back "preparing himself" to enter the fight.

We find another room and a door leading further into the complex. Opening the door we find several corridors leading off, I take point at the first corner with arrow notched ready and take a look at a crossroads. Around the first corner I spot another gnoll and loose the arrow, unfortunately this does not drop the gnoll giving him a chance to drop a net trap on myself and Zero. Whilst we attempt to escape the Bard tries to assist us whilst other party members try and take out the gnoll. We eventually break free and dispatch the gnoll.

At the end of the long corridor in front of us we find a fountain which seems to have some kind of magicked water in it. We take some samples and dip thedead gnolls hand in it to ensure nothing nasty is present.

Searching around we get a general layout of the dungeon and listen at all the doors we come across. Silk uses his snake to look under the doors and gives us an idea of what lays beyond. We find a room with what appears to be a gnoll cleric in full plate and well armed who does seem alerted to our presence (We did make a lot of noise fighting after all). We decide not to take any action just yet and leave the room unopened for now. In two other rooms we discover what looks like larger gnolls with Horns, again being brave and not stupid we decide not to interfere with then either.

Getting over confident we go to another small hall off the fountain room which has 3 doors off it. However we seem to set off a trap which after a little working out we discover has Slowed us. We go back to the first corridor , where we had discovered a periscope to street level and observe people going by until we notice the spell effects wearing off.

We go back and discover we have also set off some kind of magical alarm as well. We start searching the rooms, the first appears to be an ornate large bedroom and we disover some gold and a spell book. The barbarian now very much distrustful of magic destroys the book.

The next room appears to contain some vats being injected with chemicals with some creatures made of up different animals and monstrosities.
This has another door leading off which we think may lead back into one of the rooms containing the larger gnolls.

We try the last door which opens into a really foul smelling room and lets loose 2 bat/?? creatures and 3 rat/spider our party rallies and between us we manage to dispatch these abuses of nature and the barbarian in a rash moment rushes back to the vat room and attempts to destroy the machinery controlling it and ends up with a poisonous cloud in his face for the effort resulting in some Dex loss.

We will have to think quickly now as the alarm has been raised and we need to find the potion (assuming its not the fountain water) and make a hasty retreat before we are captured / killed or arrested AGAIN!!

To be continued.....

[We also found a out a lot about the history of castle shard, its lords and protectors whch I hope Jim will make some short notes on as there was too much to write down]

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