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Author Topic: Accused  (Read 2502 times) Average Rating: 0
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Deep One

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« on: 04 April 2012, 15:31:42 »


This really is a beautiful looking game, all of the components are of high quality a lot of thought has gone into these and it shows.

You start the game being dealt 3 innocence cards which you then use to construct your alibi. These cards are then shuffled back into the deck. You are also dealt a truth card which states your actual guilt or innocence for the murder being investigated. These cards are only revealed to you and everyone else at the end of the trial.

You are then dealt a hand of innocence and guilt cards. During the game you visit various locations to dispose of evidence that links you to areas not in your alibi, bribe or kill witnesses that accuse you. You can also mug other players to grab innocence cards or plant evidence on them to avert blame from you.

This mechanic is just so well thought out and just makes the game very interesting as players run around the board trying to reduce the bad cards and get the cards that prove their innocence.  If you get 2 innocence cards for a location in your alibi you get a FULL alibi for that location.

Once someone is confident they can prove their innocence they can head straight for the police station and call for a trial. During the trial each player takes it in turn to relay their alibi and use the cards they have in their hand to back up the claims. They also have to explain away all the cards they have that put them at locations not in their alibi or motives they have for the murder.

All players then act as jury and vote for the player they feel is guilty of the crime, if a majority agree that player is accused of murder and the truth cards are revealed.

Have you convicted the right person  ... !!!!

This is a really fun game with very interesting mechanics which all play right into the main theme of the game. It's very well written and a joy to play.


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Burton Delvers
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« Reply #1 on: 04 April 2012, 17:14:08 »

Has I should imagine a lot to appeal to the role player as regardless of the facts (cards) you still have to convince folk you did not do it. I would like to give this one a go & feel that our new gaming Saturdays in the shop would be a splendid opportunity to do so.


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