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Listen, you footwarriors, can you hold hard a bit with the firing? I`ve just got three impromptu weddings breaking out behind me. - Arthur Dent
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Author Topic: The Crew of the Esperanto  (Read 2415 times)
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« on: 17 November 2008, 00:14:29 »

Captain Graham Franks: Marine, Engineer
Human Male, 34 Homeworld Orbane

Stats: Str:10 Dex:9 End:11 Int:7 Edu:12 Soc:9

Skills: Carouse (0), Sea Farer(0), Athletics - Co-Ordination(0), Battle Dress(0), Tactics - Military(0), Heavy Weapons - Man Portable(0), Gun Combat - Slug Pistol(1), Gun Combat - Slug Rifle (1), Stealth(0), Blade(1), Leadership(2), Engineer - Electronics(1), Engineer - Maneuver Drive(1), Mechanics(1),  Comms(1), Vac Suit(1)

Gauss Pistol TL13 + Gyrostabiliser
Armour - Subdermal TL10 & Combat Armour TL11
Neural Comms AV Computer 0 - Translator, Agent
Computer /3 TL12 - Security 2, Intrusion 1, Int Interface 1, Expert 1, Agent 1, Intellect 1, Database (Engineering)
Medikit TL10
Engineers Toolkit
Mechanical Toolkit
Electromagnetic Probe Tl10
Respirator (Lung Implant) TL10
Filter (Lung Implant) TL 10

Major Jack "Bones" Swan: Army, Medic
Human Male, 34 Homeworld Orbane

Stats: Str:11 Dex:12 End:12 Int:12 Edu:11 Soc:12

Skills: Carouse (0), Sea Farer(0), Drive - Mole(1), Athletics - Endurance(0), Gun Combat - Energy Pistol(2), Recon(1), Melee - Unarmed Combat(2), Heavy Weapons - Launchers(0), Animal - Riding(1), Gun Combat - Slug Rifle(1), Medic(3), Leadership(1), Investigate(2), Navigation(1), Survival(1), Tactics - Military(1), Vac Suit(0)

Laser Pistol
Flak Jacket
Reflec TL10
Cloth TL10
Medikit TL10
Personal Drone
Forensic Toolkit
Scientific Toolkit
Grav Floater
2 x Pancreas TL8+
1 x Anti Rad
1 x Metabolic Accelerator



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