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Well it`s partly the curiosity, partly a sense of adventure, but mostly I think it`s the fame and the money. - Zaphod
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Author Topic: Session 6: Night Of Dissolution  (Read 2123 times)
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« on: 04 October 2007, 19:49:24 »

Our ever-so alert adventurers picked up a rumour from one of the maids at the Ghostly Minstrel that a fence would be moving some high cost, illegal gear the next night and as high-minded citizens they decided to step in. Sadly our
bard, Oscar, and ranger, Galorian, were otherwise engaged but Fabitor put an adventuring cleric of Lothian in touch with the party and she decided to sign up.

Thus arrayed the party bustled over to the fence's legitimate store during the day to "browse" and case the joint; picking up a hearty, drunken dwarf along the way. Armed not only with arms, but also with knowledge the party arranged to incapacitate the shopkeeper/fence and then lie in wait for his delivery men.

The delivery men turned out to be ogres in the fence's employ and they weren't entirely convinced by Silk's sorcerous trickery so a ruck ensued - thankfully our heroes cut down the ogres in short order and laid hands on the treasure... an unopenable box, probably containing chaositech!

The party returned home frustrated but Brother Fabitor was able to point them in the dircetion of Neveran's All-Key; a powerful magic item that might get them inside the lock (and would, in any case, be a fine addition to the
party's arsenal). This was last seen at an abandoned whorehouse in Oldtown called Pythonesse House that had formerly been both a noble's house and a aite associated with Chaos Cults.

Investigating this dilapidated manor house the party encountered rat-folk, chaositech, undead, swarms, and more. They also found themselves trapped in the castle, and thus forced to unearth it's mysteries with rumbling bellys. So far major successes have been the alliance with a ghostly cleric whose soul the party may be able to rescue and discovery of a key which might lead the party to scarier keys to scarier places full of demons and trouble.

the adventure continues...

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