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Author Topic: Regional Knowledge of Faerun  (Read 2035 times)
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I will use this thread to list common knowledge about the regions of Faerun (the continent that the Forgotten Realms is set in).

This lists the commonly know information of the region referred to as the North (the north western corner of the continent)

The jewel of the north is a cross roads city hungry for coin and tolerant of outsiders. 

Long ago, the Lords of Waterdeep turned away from thoughts of empire and built a commercial powerhouse that dominates trade in western Faerun.

the city is famed for the legendary dungeon known as undermountain that lies beneath its streets, holding all manner of monsters and treasure.

Luskan a trade town on the Sword Coast north of Waterdeep. 

Famed for the intricate antler like Hosttower, home to an order of mercantile Wizards who rule the town

It the last town before the Ten-Trail leading to Icewind Dale and the Ten-Towns

Founded by the late Lady Alustriel and formally called the Silver Marches.  It is a league of three strong towns Silverymoon, Sundabar and Everlund.

Famed for its dedication to the arts, scholarly lore and magic, it is a home to humans, elf and half-elf.

Many consider it a place where honest folk can start a new life.

The Kingdom of Many Arrows
An orcish kingdom formed by more than a century ago by King Obould

It is a feared and surprisingly stable kingdom that borders north west of Luruar

Rumours say that the kingdom is still ruled by King Obould

Icewind Dale
A region of tundra between the Spine of the World Mountains and the Reghed Glacier

Home to Ten-Towns, the last "civilized land" before the great icy wilderness beyond

Legend says that Drizzt Do'Urden the renegade dark elf slayed a powerful dragon that threatened the region

Ten-Towns is and alliance of small towns along the banks of the great lakes of Icewind Dale

Long reputed to be a home to barbarians, fugitives, outcasts and renegades who make their living by fishing the lakes.

The Ten-Towns is famed for its ornate ivory carvings, shaped from the head bone of the knuckle head trout that they fish from the lakes
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